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  • Coil Cleaners and Accessories

    Coil Cleaners and Accessories
    See all 36 items in product family
    Coil Cleaners And Accessories Provide Reliable Cleaning And Maintenance Of Coils In HVAC Systems.

    Coil Cleaners and Accessories are available in a variety of styles to suit a number of applications. Styles include All Coil cleaner, External Condenser Coil Cleaner and Brightener, External Evaporator Coil cleaner, No Rinse Coil Cleaner and more. Available in up to 55 gallon. Package quantities range from 1-12.

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  • Flush Systems

    Flush Systems
    See all 9 items in product family
    Flush Systems Are Used For Cleaning Coil Lines In Refrigeration Or Air Conditioning Units.

    Flush Systems provide an effective combination for removing soluble and insoluble contaminants, helping avoid costly callbacks due to a metering device restriction. Comstar Fush Injector is a reusable service tool that cleans out contaminants from A/C, refrigeration, heating & diesel pipes and lines. CF-20™ Internal Refrigeration Coil System Cleaner may be used in refrigeration or air conditioning systems that utilize mineral, ester, PAG or alkybenzene type of refrigeration oil and compatible CFC, HCFC or HFC refrigerants. CF-40™ Cascade System Internal Coil Cleaner is designed especially for cascade, super low temperature and systems with complex configurations. Super Flush also available in 1 gallon or 32 oz. quantity.

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  • Aerosol Coil Cleaners

    Aerosol Coil Cleaners
    See all 2 items in product family
    Aerosol Coil Cleaners Cut Through Grease And Dirt On Refrigeration Coils.

    HD JET FOAMER is a high performance, heavy-duty foam detergent coil cleaner in the convenience of an aerosol. It is especially suited for use on most any coils such as window air conditioners, roof top AC units, auto radiators, small air cooled equipment, small condenser and evaporator coils, metal filters, fan blades, and more. Nonflammable and water based, HD JET FOAMER no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters. Jet Foamer is equipped with a special 360-degree jet valve that can be sprayed in any position while the blasting stream easily reaches into tight areas. The aggressive alkaline blend quickly and easily liquefies dirt, grease, oil or other residue and deposits. Fortified with corrosion inhibitors to prevent metal degradation. Will not harm drain pans, plastic, or other materials in and around AC equipment. Clinging foam is completely self-rinsing on condensate producing coils. COIL BLASTER SOLVENT COIL BLASTER SOLVENT is a new technology solvent that offers maximum cleaning and degreasing in a convenient ready to use aerosol. The high solvency formula quickly and easily liquefies dirt, grease, oil and other residue and deposits while the blasting nozzle powerfully separates the dirt and debris from the surface. COIL BLASTER SOLVENT can be used on most types of coils and is super-fast evaporating, which requires little or no wiping or post-use clean up. COIL BLASTER SOLVENT is a nonflammable, nonconductive formula and is safe to use on or near live equipment. Contains no ozone depleters.

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  • Little Giant® Coil Cleaning Kit

    Little Giant® Coil Cleaning Kit
    See all 1 items in product family
    The GKPK-SC is a fast, inexpensive system for 'boiling out" coils. The unit is designed as a low pressure flush-out for coil cleaning of compressors. It uses a magnetic drive chemical pump and tank kit to circulate the mild acid to clear out the coils.

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  • Odor Neutralizers

    Odor Neutralizers
    See all 28 items in product family
    Odor Neutralizers Are Used For Eliminating Odors In Hotels, Apartments, Health Care Facilities And More.

    Odor Neutralizers are available for a variety of applications.

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  • Hand Cleaners

    Hand Cleaners
    See all 8 items in product family
    Hand Cleaners Are Used For Cleaning Up After Heavy Duty Repair Or Maintenance Work.

    Specially formulated cleaning products in liquid or powdered form for cleaning up after maintenance or repair. Quick Cleanↆ Lotion is a waterless rinse, heavy duty hand cleaner that removes grease, carbon, oil, ink and dirt. Shake It™ is a high quality powdered hand soap that washes with water and will not sting on broken skin. Available in various capacities and package quantities.

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  • Scale Removal And Descaling

    Scale Removal And Descaling
    See all 17 items in product family
    Scale Removal And Descaling Are Used To Clean And Clear Cooling Towers, Boilers, Hot Ware Coils, Urinals And Toilet Bowls.

    Scale Removal And Descaling Lime Dissolvers are industrial strength acid based descalers. Dissolves lime, scale, mineral deposits and urine salts. Color coded formula to know when scale is gone. Cleans rust stains and concrete and can be used on brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, wood, glass, plastic and rubber. Contains corrosion inhibitor. Available as Calci Gone, Lime Dissolver "Plus", Lime Dissolver "Plus" 5 Gallons With Color And Inhibitor, Scale Remover, Boiler Interior Scale Remover, Lime Dissolver and more. Available capacities are 1 quart to 55 gallons.

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  • Precision & Parts Cleaners

    Precision & Parts Cleaners
    See all 36 items in product family
    Precision And Parts Cleaners Are Used For Mechanical Parts, Motors, Steam Machines, Maintenance Of Public Areas And More.

    Precision And Parts Cleaners are specially formulated compounds and solutions for cleaning precision parts, machines and motors as well as floors, carpets, seating and other public area maintenance applications. Available types include Alkaline Cleaner, Assembly Cleaner, Caustic Cleaner, Cleaner & Rust Remover, Machine Parts Cleaner, Metal Cleaning Detergent, Motor Cleaner, Non-Conductive Paint Remover, Paint Stripper and Spray Degreaser. Available in various capacities and package quantities.

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  • Soot Removers & Cleaners

    Soot Removers & Cleaners
    See all 5 items in product family
    Soot Removers And Cleaners Are Used For Maintenance Of Furnace And Heating Systems.

    Selection of products in different forms to keep furnace and heating systems clean and free of built-up soot deposits. Soot Remover Spray is a non-aerosol, high pressure spray in a heavy duty reusable metal sprayer and refillable can. Soot Broom™ is a crystal formed application that can remove soot and creosole from wood burning stoves by sprinkling on open fire. Soot Remover Sticks is ans easy-to-use stick for removing soot in combustion area by slipping it through the system peep hole. Available in various capacities and package quantities.

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  • Fuel Oil, Water, Detecting & Cleaning

    Fuel Oil, Water, Detecting & Cleaning
    See all 26 items in product family
    Fuel, Oil And Water Detecting And Cleaning Treatments Manage Spills And Remove Unwanted Components In Fuels.

    Fuel, Oil And Water Detecting And Cleaning Treatments help maintain the proper operation of fuel lines, tanks and HVAC systems for long lasting reliability. Biofuel Treatment corrects and prevents spider web sludge and semi-solid material that can develop in biofuels. Stops alarm vent and filter clogging and bad odors. Fuel Absorber absorbs eight times its volume of fuel oil with a sweet fragrance to eliminate odor. Fuel Oil & Diesel De-Icer prevents and dissolves ice and wax in iced and jelled fuel oil and diesel fuel. Fuel Oil & Diesel Treatment controls waxing and gelling, lowers pour point, dissolves sludge, eliminates water, cleans the system and reduces soot. Oil Sludge Eliminator is a heavy duty shock treatment that removes sludge in fuel tanks and prevents lines, screens and nozzles from clogging. Oil Spill Collector removes oil stains while it biodegrades oil for safe disposal. Water Dispersant For Fuel Oil is a heavy duty water dispersant that rids fuel oil of water and prevents freezing and corrosion. Package quantities and capacities vary per model.

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  • Filter Fan and Vent Cleaner

    Filter Fan and Vent Cleaner
    See all 5 items in product family
    Filter Fan And Vent Cleaner Is Used For Heavy-Duty Cleaning Of Vent Surfaces, Electronic Cells, Filters, Fan Blades And More.

    Filter Fan and Vent Cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive for safe, effective use on a wide range of HVAC equipment. Removes hard-to-clean buildup including oil, grease and tar deposits. Available styles include Filter Fan and Vent Cleaner, DS-16 A Degreasing Solvent and ECC-16 Electronic Cell Cleaner. Gallon Bottles are sold in case quantities of 12. 32 Ounce Bottles (1 Quart) are sold in case quantities of 6. Also available in 1 and 16 oz capacities.

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  • Boiler System Treatments & Sealants

    Boiler System Treatments & Sealants
    See all 17 items in product family
    Boiler System Treatments And Sealants Efficiently Clean And Maintain Residential, Commercial And Industrial Boilers.

    Boiler System Treatments And Sealants are essential to maintaining the continuing integrity and long lasting durability of HVAC and boiler systems. Air Bubble Eliminator removes air from hydronic systems and stops banging sound in steam lines. Boiler System Cleaners stop priming, surging and foaming in boilers and heating systems with corrosion preventative treatment that helps maximize efficiency. Coil Cleaners clean external coils without needing to remove them from boiler. Leak Sealants seal and prevent leaks in hydronic systems with non-hazardous and safe formula for use on all system components. Seal Cleaner and Lubricant treats system to prevent formation of blockages and leaks using a non-petroleum formula for hydronic systems. Anti-Freeze Recharge recharges the corrosion inhibitor level of propylene and ethylene glycol based anti-freeze, chiller, and heat transfer fluids to increase the life of fluid by eliminating acidic water levels. Water Cleaner & PH Neutralizer cleans boiler water, corrects pH balance and prevents rust and scale. Package quantities and capacities vary per model.

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