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  • Heat Transfer Fluids

    See all 39 items in product family
    Heat Transfer Fluids Are Designed For Use With HVAC Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Fire Sprinklers And More.

    Heat Transfer Fluids are available to suit a number of HVAC needs and applications. Sprinkler Safe is an environmentally safe and biodegradable propylene glycol-based anti-freeze for sprinkler systems. Food-Quality Propylene Glycol serves as an industrial coolant and heat transfer fluid for systems with possible contact with food, beverages or potable water. Pro Frost is a propylene glycol industrial coolant to prevent system corrosion and clog-up. Ice Block serves as an anti-freeze and heat transfer fluid. Frost Free prevents system corrosion in water chillers, refrigeration systems, radiant heating systems and more. Freeze Safe is a propylene glycol formula that is biodegradable and non-toxic for use with HVAC systems and coolers where contact with potable water is possible. Freeze Free provides corrosion protection and anti-freeze protection for boats, trailers, cooling towers, solar heating systems and more. Fire Safe provides freeze protection for wet fire protection sprinkler systems. Ethylene Glycol serves as coolant and heat-transfer fluid in industrial applications or operating systems that may come in contact with food or beverages. Available in selected 1, 5 and 55 gallon container sizes. Anti-Freeze Hydrometer Testers for Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol based formulas also available.

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  • Service Chemicals

    See all 12 items in product family
    Service Chemicals Are Used For Joining all Metals, Plastics And Other Materials.

    Service Chemicals are resin based soft setting brushable paste pipe joint compounds resistant to all refrigerants, oils, water and most chemicals, liquids and gases. Can be used with pressures from 10,000 PSI to full vacuums. Does not harden or become brittle. Adheres to all clean surfaces. Prevent vibration from loosening nuts, bolts, plugs and fittings. Non-toxic. Available in Joint Sealants, Epoxys, Threadlockers, Solderlene and more. Sold in package quantities of 12 or 16 in varying ounces per bottle.

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  • Sealants & Cements

    See all 14 items in product family
    Sealants And Cements Are Used For Maintenance And Repair Of Residential, Commercial And Industrial Boiler Systems And Furnaces.

    A wide selection of products essential to repairing and maintaining the long lasting durability and dependability of furnace and boiler systems. Boiler Repair Putty is designed to quickly patch, plug and caulk any material, and remains flexible indefinitely. Furnace Cement is a non-freezing, non-cracking ans non-shrinking application that bonds without sagging. Glue-Tack High Temperature Chamber Repair and High Temperature Chamber Glue-Water Glass are high temperature refractory glues for furnance chambers. Liquid and Powdered Leak Sealants seal boiler and circulating hot water system leaks. Available in various capacities and package quantities.

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  • Refrigerants "Green" Alternatives

    See all 4 items in product family
    Refrigerants "Green" Alternatives Are Used For All Current "Phased Out" Refrigernants, Including R-22 And More.

    Refrigerants "Green" Alternatives are HFC, zero ozone depleting, direct replacement for R-12. RS-24 allows easy and efficient oil return to compressor. No oil change required. Compatible with all lubricants. Meets ISO 14001 environmental standards ComStar's RS-24 has an ASHRAE designation of R426A with an A-1 classification. Non-flammable. Lower discharge temperatures. Available styles are Environmentally Friendly Replacement For R22, Green Replacements For R502 24.2 lb. and Environmentally Friendly Replacement For R12 Capacities are 24 Pounds, 24.2 Pounds, 25 Pounds and 30 Pounds.

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  • Drain & Waste Pipe Cleaners

    See all 19 items in product family
    Drain And Waste Pipe Cleaners Are Used For Commercial, Industrial And Residential Pipe Cleaning Applications.

    Drain And Waste Pipe Cleaners are industrial strength cleaners made for various professional pipe cleaning applications. Non-Acid Liquid, Crystal and Powdered formulas unclog drains without damaging disposals, pipes, porcelain, or septic tanks. Dissolve hair, grease, soap and other organic matter and will not affect the bacterial action in cesspools or septic tanks. Odorless and do not create fumes. Used for homes, schools, hospitals, cafeterias and restaurants. Available in 1 quart, 1/2 gallon and 1, 2, 17, 50 and 400 pound capacities. Sulfuric Acid liquid formulas are specifically formulated to dissolve grease, food particles, hair scale, mineral deposits and other organic matter. Liquefies all organic material in seconds. Protects pipes with a special inhibitor that prevents rust and corrosion. Specially packaged for safe handling. Available in 1 quart and 1/2 or 1 gallon capacities.

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  • Drain Pan Strips and Tabs

    See all 10 items in product family
    Drain Pan Strips and Tabs Keep Equipment Free Of Rust And Corrosion.

    Drain Pan Strips provide time-release control of microbial contaminants in condensate pans. Strips are EPA-registered and time-released. Effective against mold, algae, fungus and other microorganisms and will not cause rust in condensate pans. Available in a variety of sizes.

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  • Leak Detectors

    See all 27 items in product family
    Leak Detector Provides Easy Visibility Of Leaks In Piping Or Vents.

    Leak Detectors provide an easy means of exposing leaks in a variety of industrial environments. Fluorescent Leak Detectorscling to gaps in pipes and bubbles up to indicate leaks. Freeze-proof to 0°F.Acid Neutralizers are used for preventative maintenance and after burnouts. Neutralizes and scavenges acid and moisture from air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Suitable for use with all lubricants and leaves no harmful residues.

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  • Refrigeration Oil Acid Test Kits

    See all 5 items in product family
    Includes a color comparison chart in every box. If test remains purple, the oil is safe. It if turns yellow, acid is too high. ETK™ Test Kit for use with Polyol-ester (POE) lubricants. Tests for acid contamination in the compressor's crankcase which can be indicative of lubricant decomposition. One bottle test kit is a simple and cost effective method of determining whether the acid level is within an acceptable range for mineral or alkyl-benzene lubricants. Simply fill the bottle with oil to the line on bottle neck and shake.

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  • Dye Wash

    See all 1 items in product family
    Dye Wash Removes Leak-Detecting Dye From Equipment And Pipe Surfaces.

    Dye Wash is a cleaner specifically made for cleaning leak-detecting dye to prevent false readings in the future. Dye Wash is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Gallon Bottles are sold in case quantities of 6. 32 Ounce Bottles (1 Quart) are sold in case quantities of 12.

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