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Account Management

How do I open an account?

Opening A New Account
You may create a new account by visiting the New Account Registration Page and filling in the fields. For credit application information, click here or call 1-770-822-5600, ext. 2914.

Account Login
To manage your account you must first login into your account. Click on the "Log In" link or "Your Account" Link in the top navigation. "Your Account" link is also located in the bottom area of the website under Account Information.)

You can login to your account by entering "Username \ Email" and "Password" and then click on the "Sign In" button. If you do not have an account you can click on "Create A New Account" button to get a Global Industrial account.

After you log in you are brought to "Your Account" page. You can manage your "Account Settings," Order Management," Feature Management" and "Communications" by using the left navigation.

How do I reset my password?

Your password can be reset by selecting "Forgot your password? click here" on the Log-In page and submitting your username/e-mail on the following page. You may also contact our Web Helpdesk at 1-800-654-1232.

What settings does my account give me access to?

My Account
Your account allows you to view your account information once you have logged in. If you have an assigned Sales Rep, the contact information will be displayed for your convenience.

Change Name, Email Address, or Password
Edit your name, email address, and phone number, as well as your username and password.

Manage Addresses
Easily manage and add multiple shipping addresses. Click the "add shipping address" button to add an additional shipping address to your account. You can edit or delete existing addresses from the main screen. Edit your billing address by clicking the "edit" link under the address.

User Roles & Spending Limits
Create and assign multiple user roles and spending limits. Assign a new user role by clicking the "add user role & spending limit” button. Fill out the required contact and account information. Set the new user’s role, administrator and spending limit. Once the initial role has been set up, you can modify the user’s role, assigned buyer/admin and spending limit from the main screen. Orders do not need approval if a user purchases within the set spending limit. Set a spending limit set to 0 to have all orders follow the approval process. Set the spending limit to -1 to give users unlimited spending.

* This feature is not available by default. You must call your sales representative or 1.888.978.7759 to have this feature added to your account.

The Administrator can create and manage contacts with any role, view and approve all order placed for the account, and manage billing addresses and credit card information. An administrator can place orders without any spending limit.

Buyers can place orders without any spending limit. A buyer cannot create or manage contacts, but can manage their profile and update their shipping address.

Jr. Buyer
A Jr. Buyer can place orders within their assigned spending limit. Orders over the spending limit will be suspended until the assigned buyer or administrator approves this order. A Jr. Buyer can approve orders placed by Associate as long as they are within the Jr. Buyers spending limit.

Associate can place orders within their spending limit. Orders over the spending limit will be suspended and will be sent to assigned buyer for approval. Associate cannot approve orders by other contacts. They can manage their profile and update their shipping address. Set an associate’s spending limit to zero dollars in order to put all orders on hold.

Contacts with roles "Administrator", "Buyer" or "Jr. Buyer" can only be assigned as supervisor of contact with roles "Jr. Buyer" and "Associate"

What features are available?

My Shopping Lists
Create multiple shopping lists of frequently ordered products. Delete, create and combine shopping lists as well as edit the shopping list name from the main screen. You can open the list and delete items or add selected items to the cart.

My Product Ratings
View your product reviews here. Items you have not left reviews for will have a "review” button next to them. Click the button to add a review for the item you purchased.

Retrieve Quote
View sales quotes from your sales representative. Status next to the quote will let you know if the quote is pending, available or expired. Clicking the quote will bring up the items quoted. If the quote is available you can click on the checkout button where you will be directed to the payment screen. We also offer PayPal checkout.

How do I manage my communications with Global?

On the left menu, clicking the "Manage your email preferences" link will allow you to select email subscriptions you would like to receive or cancel by checking the box next to the subscription name and then clicking "update".

You may also unsubscribe from our mailing list directly by scrolling to the bottom of a corresponding email and clicking the "Click to opt out" link. A pop-up blocker may interfere with unsubscribing. Checking your internet settings is recommended.

Government Accounts

Please contact your sales representative regarding special pricing for government buyers.

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