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Frequency of use

Frequency of use

If the tool will be used often and repeatedly, look for a high voltage (longer) battery life. If not, focus on what you want to accomplish with the tool and look at individual features like chuck or torque size.

Weight and ergonomics

Weight and ergonomics

Lithium-ion is more lightweight than NiCad batteries. Conversely, NiCads are known for stability and toughness. For frequent use, the Lithium-ion is more lightweight and therefore more ergonomic. NiCad is ideal for heavy duty work over continuous periods of use.

Charging time & battery strength

Charging time & battery strength

Lithium-ion and nickel cadmium – NiCad – both provide the same amount of power, but lithium-Ion uses the power more efficiently. Lithium-ion is the lighter, longer-lasting and more expensive choice; NiCad is the heavier duty, more consumable, and less expensive choice.

Individual features

Individual features

The chuck size. For ordinary around-the-house use, you don't need anything more than a 3/8" chuck size. Heavy load work should consider a 1/2" chuck size. For torque, the higher the torque of a cordless screwdriver drill, the better the twist capacity.

Buy From Reputable Manufacturers.

Look for the brand name you like best: Bosch, Makita, Dewalt and Milwaukee are some of the best brands offered at Global industrial.

Known for heavy-duty portable electric power tools and accessories, Milwaukee is a global leader with some 500 products currently under its belt.

A leading name in construction and woodworking industries, Dewalt tools at Global Industrial offer a full inventory of circular saws, batteries, hammer drills, and more. 

Makita has a reputation for applying the latest engineering technology to manufacture some of the world's best power tools.  

Big in the automotive and appliance industries, Bosch also manufactures power tools for the building trade and DIY enthusiasts.

Global industrial not only offers the best power tools in the industry, but you'll be able to see features and benefits at a glance on our website. We have chat specialists on hand to answer any tool-related questions so you can't go wrong.

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