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Natural Aluminum Fry Pans

Used for frying, searing, sauteing and other foodservice applications. Made of heavy gauge aluminum for long lasting durability and dependability.

as low as $540

Baking Molds

Provide a wide selection of trays for various dessert and pastry applications. Available in many sizes and shapes for decorative molded designs.

Stainless Steel Pots

Ideal for use in restaurants, banquet halls, cooking schools and more.

Stock Pots

Used for soups, stews, hot beverages, and other hot liquids.

Carbon Steel Fry Pans

Designed for use with conduction heat. Modeled in the classic French style.


Offered in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit a wide range of needs.

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Global Industrial®

We’ve known how to handle materials for over 70 years, and our full line of material handling products, includes the best of the best in trucks and carts, dock equipment, dollies, hoists, cranes, drum barrels, and more.

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Global Industrial®

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive line of storage and shelving. From the NEXEL offering of forty styles to the Global brand of bulk racks, bins, lockers, and more, our storage and shelving solutions stand up to any environment.

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Interion™ by Global Industrial®

Our Interion line of office furniture provides everything from office partitions to desks, cabinets, collaboration tables, reception couches, and over 100 chair styles so you can create the office or office space you want.

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Global Industrial®

Global-branded janitorial and maintenance products deliver high performance where it counts at a competitive cost. Our floor care machines, recycling and trash containers, cleaning supplies and more will give you full cleaning power where you need it.

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Global Industrial®

We’re serious about safety and security and we know you are too. This Global line of safety and security products reflects this commitment to workplace and employee safety with educational materials, clothing, machine guards, and more.

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Global Industrial®

Global workbenches and shop desks are built for hard work and tough conditions. With accessories that grow with you and your scope of work, and comfort-focused benches and add-ons, you can work as long and as hard as you need to.

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