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  • Welding Clamps, Spreaders & Holders

    Welding Clamps, Spreaders & Holders
    See all 9 items in product family
    Mini Multi-Angle Welding Magnet - 80 Lbs.

    On/Off Mini Angle When off, metal chips fall off. Offers several common angles: 45°, 75°, 90°, 105° and 135°. Incredibly strong - powered by 80 lbs (36 kg) Magswitch magnet. Accommodates flat and pipe stock. Offers 75/105° and 90° angles. Vertical Breakaway of 90lbs/40kg on 1/4" steel. Features patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control so steel dust just falls off, so you don't waste time cleaning them or getting metal burrs in your fingers. Precise positioning. Great for small jobs, tight areas.

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  • Cutting & Welding Outfits

    Cutting & Welding Outfits
    See all 11 items in product family
    Cutting and Welding Outfits Are Designed For Applications Including Construction, Industrial, Commercial, and more.

    The cutting and welding outfits have a multi-function design for different job tasks and environments. The torch handle has built-in replaceable reverse flow check valves and flashback arrestors for operation safety. The color coded "O" rings allow easy gas identification for user convenience. The optional nozzles are designed for cutting and welding different sizes with ease. Includes a torch handle, regulator, welding nozzles, and more.
    • Available gas types are Acetylene/Oxygen, Acetylene, Acetylene (B), All Fuel Gas, Propane, and more
    • Reverse flow check valves and flashback arrestors
    • Color coded “O” rings
    • Optional nozzles
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  • Hose Repair Kits

    Hose Repair Kits
    See all 3 items in product family
    Hose Repair Kits Allow Convenient Tool Access For Welding and Maintenance Applications.

    These hose repair kits provide easy equipment access for hose line replacement and/or repair jobs. The kits have an easy, concave crimp that is designed to improve connectivity. The convenient plastic case is both durable and easy to carry and includes a full color label and description chart for user ease. Includes fittings, crimping tool, splicers, nipples, couplers, and more.
    • Concave crimp
    • Plastic case
    • Additional tools are included
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  • Inert Arc Hose & Water Couplers

    Inert Arc Hose & Water Couplers
    See all 1 items in product family
    Inert Arc Hose and Water Couplers Ensure Connection Stability For Welding, Repair, and Maintenance Applications.

    These inert arc hose and water couplers provide a reliable hose connection for lasting service. The couplers are made of high-quality brass for strength and durability. The units are designed to withstand a pressure of up to 200 psi. The connection type is Male/Male.
    • Brass construction
    • 200 PSI
    • Male/male connection
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  • Valves & Y Connections

    Valves & Y Connections
    See all 3 items in product family
    Valves And Y Connections Allow Simultaneous Use Of Two Cutting Or Welding Torches.

    Valves and Y connections are constructed with high-grade precision shut off valves. Sleeves and body are brass for lasting durability and strength. Available with RH thread connection and male/male connection. Valves and Y Connections Can be used with fuel, oxygen, acetylene and inert gases.

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  • Victor® Oxyacetylene Kits

    Victor® Oxyacetylene Kits
    See all 1 items in product family
    Victor® Heavy Duty Oxy-Acetylene Outfit

    Victor® has been the leader in gas equipment since our humble beginnings in 1913. We couldn’t have done it without you, our users. Developing innovative products can be a difficult task. That is why we listened to our End-Users, and with your support and feedback, we have developed the new 400 Series Cutting Attachment & Handle. All designed to be durable, comfortable, and easy to use, for YOU the User.

    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Built-In Check Valves
    • One Cutting Attachment for All Fuel Gases (with proper tip)
    • G350 Series Regulators
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • WH411C Torch Handle
    • CA411-3 Cutting Attachment
    • 2-UM-350 Welding Nozzle
    • 1-1-101 Cutting Tip
    • G350-150-540 Oxygen Regulator
    • G350-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator
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  • Hand Torches

    Hand Torches
    See all 3 items in product family
    Torch Handles Are Available For Various Welding And Soldering Applications.

    Torch Handles are solidly made for long lasting durability and dependability. Goss and GENTEC brands offer various types, sizes and designs for particular welding, cutting or heating need or application. Selected features include Flashback Arrestors, Reverse Flow Check Valves, Adjustable Pivot Valves, High Pressure Lever and more. Self Igniting Hand Torch also available.

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  • Regulator & Flowmeter Parts

    Regulator & Flowmeter Parts
    See all 9 items in product family
    Spare parts for regulators & flowmeters
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  • Longevity® Accessories

    Longevity® Accessories
    See all 11 items in product family
    Longevity S45 Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Torch Swirl Ring

    • Continuous Usage
    • Non-Deteriorating Pilot Arc Swirl Rings
    • Non-Deteriorating Pilot Arc Swirl Rings

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  • BHA-2 Adjustable Head Attachments

    BHA-2 Adjustable Head Attachments
    See all 1 items in product family
    • Adds flexibility to machine cutting torches by allowing bevel cuts without changing the position of the torch
    • Setting angle: between 0° to 90° at either side of vertica
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  • Torch Handles

    Torch Handles
    See all 5 items in product family
    Replacement Tips Are Available For Various Torch Handle. Flame And Gas Types.

    Available in various sizes designed to fit wide range of designated torch handle types and series.

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  • Quick Connects

    Quick Connects
    See all 3 items in product family
    Regulator-to-Hose Set w/Check Valves
    • Brass construction provides long service life
    • Non-interchangeable oxygen and fuel gas connectors
    • Instant closure on reverse flow check valves
    • Spring-loaded locking mechanism responds to fingertip action and achieves a gas-tight connection
    • Double seal socket connection on second sea
    • Includes: QDB31, QDB32
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  • Brass Hose Adaptors

    Brass Hose Adaptors
    See all 4 items in product family
    Brass Hose Adaptors Are Used For Providing A Reliable And Strong Connection To Iron Pipes During Welding Applications.

    Brass Hose Adaptors are made of brass for strength and long lasting durability. Adaptors accommodate a maximum pressure of 200 PSIG. Connection types are Female Swivel/Barb, Female/Female Swivel, Female/Hose Barb, Female/Male, Male/Barb, Male/Female, Male/Female Swivel, Male/Hose Barb, Male/Male and NPT Thread/Barb. Thread sizes are 1/8 in (NPT), 1/4 in (NPT), 1/4 in NPT (M), 3/8 in (NPT) and 1/2 in (NPT) . Specs vary.

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  • Manifold Assemblies

    Manifold Assemblies
    See all 1 items in product family
    Manifold Block Assemblies - Manifold - Argon/Helium/Nitrogen

    Durable welding accessory for manifold needs. Use with any pigtails having CGA connections.

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  • Quick Connectors

    Quick Connectors
    See all 5 items in product family
    Quick Connectors Ensure Connection Stability and Speed For Welding, Repair, and Maintenance Applications.

    These quick connectors are designed to make the connection and removal of hoses and torches easy. The built-in automatic reset check valve prevents the reverse flow of gases by cutting off the gases under back pressure. Before you disconnect the unit, the gas regulators must be shut off. The color codes help improve connection speed as well as user safety. Includes QC-HTF, QC-HTX, and check valve.
    • Automatic reset check valve
    • Color codes
    • Hose-to-torch connector type
    • Supports oxygen and fuel
    • Male/female connection type
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  • Flashback Arrestor Sets

    Flashback Arrestor Sets
    See all 1 items in product family
    Flashback Arrestor Sets Provide Safety and Protection For Welding, Maintenance, and Repair Applications.

    These flashback arrestor sets are designed to prevent the reverse flow and the accidental mixing of oxygen and fuel gases for hoses, regulators, and cylinders. The sets are equipped with torch and regulator models for upstream and downstream protection. The units have components with a 10" maximum cutting capacity for user convenience. Includes a color-coded gas service design for added safety.
    • Torch and regulator designs
    • 10" maximum cutting capacity
    • Color-coded gas service
    • Type is Flashback Arrestor
    • Gas type is Fuel Gas
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  • Flash Arrestors

    Flash Arrestors
    See all 6 items in product family
    Flash Arrestors Are Designed To Prevent Flashback From Torch To Hose During Metalworking And Welding.

    Flash Arrestors are constructed with stainless steel for long lasting durability and strength. For use with all oxygen and fuel welding and cutting torches. Features a gas tight O-ring seal for safety and threads that connect to torch or regulator for versatility. Includes Built-In Reverse Flow Check Valve and Nut & Swivel Assembly.

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  • Centering Heads

    Centering Heads
    See all 3 items in product family
    Centering Head - 1" Pip Cap. - Jumbo

    Effective tool for setting centerlines, establishing angles and marks for butt-ins or locating points inside pipes and tanks. Head is fitted with an adjustable dial bubble protractor and hardened centering pin. Useful for laying out keyways and measuring declivity.

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  • TIG Torches

    TIG Torches
    See all 7 items in product family
    TIG Torches
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  • Barbed Hose Nipples

    Barbed Hose Nipples
    See all 1 items in product family
    Barbed Hose Nipples Grip Inside Diameter Of Tubes To Seal Connections.Barbed Hose Nipples are made from brass to ensure functionality and durability. Can accommodate up to 200 psig of pressure. Available in various lengths and diameters to fit users¿ needs.

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  • Inert Arc Hose & Adapters

    Inert Arc Hose & Adapters
    See all 1 items in product family
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  • Hose Couplers

    Hose Couplers
    See all 2 items in product family
    Hose Couplers Provide A Reliable Connection For Hoses In Welding Applications.

    Hose couplers are made of high-quality brass for strength and durability. Couplers can hold pressure up to 200 psi. Male/Male connection type. Available in a variety of sizes.

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  • Check Valves

    Check Valves
    See all 1 items in product family
    Regulator bushing adaptor Model B-Size (9/16"-18)
    • Easily mounts on outlet bushing o nay regulator having a B-Size outlet
    • This model has the same flow capacity as the torch - type (1200 SCFH at 50 PSIG) when installed on a regulator
    • Check valve is easily seen and is less subject to contamination, abuse and damage
    • Includes: Set CV-30R & CV-31L
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  • Regulator Fittings

    Regulator Fittings
    See all 1 items in product family
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  • Uniweld® Welding Accessories

    Uniweld® Welding Accessories
    See all 10 items in product family
    This Selection Of Uniweld® Welding Accessories Has Everything You Need To Work Better, Faster And Safer.

    Wrenches are great for most fittings and connections. Welding Goggles have #5 tint lenses and molded-in air vents. Flint Lighters help ignite flame torches. Flashback Arrestors quench backfire and flashback at the torch or regulator. Built-in check valves prevent reverse flow of gases. Check Valves provide protection against reverse flow of gases but not flame flashback. Conforms to OSHA standards. UL listed. Cool Blue™ Heat Sink Paste protects rubber and plastic seals in ball valves, solenoid valves, reversing valves and heat sensitive materials. Non-toxic, harmless to skin and odorless. Easy to clean.

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  • Uniweld® Regulators

    Uniweld® Regulators
    See all 4 items in product family
    Uniweld® Regulators Provide Pressure Control For Maintenance, Janitorial, and Commercial Applications.

    The Uniweld® regulators are designed for easy acetylene and oxygen pressure control and maintenance. The regulators are made of brass or alloy bonnet making them dependable and corrosion resistant. The high contrast gauges are easy to read for user clarity and convenience. The gauges have rubber boots to protect them from impact and corrosion damage. The low profile, lightweight design makes regulator installation, access, and operation quick and easy. Some models have color-coded knobs to indicate the gas type for user convenience.
    • Brass or alloy bonnet construction
    • High contrast gauges
    • Rubber boots
    • Low profile design
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  • Flashback Arrestor Replacement Cartridge

    Flashback Arrestor Replacement Cartridge
    See all 1 items in product family
    Vanguard™ Torch Handle Replacement Cartridge
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  • Plasma Electrodes

    Plasma Electrodes
    See all 1 items in product family
    Plasma Electrodes Are Necessary For All Industrial Plasma Cutting Applications.

    Plasma Electrodes are housed within several layers of housing and are a common consumable in most plasma torch applications. Two electrodes are used inside every plasma torch, and the spark between them creates the plasma jet. Electrodes are made of conductive materials such as Copper, Silver And Other Metal Alloys and often contain tungsten or hafnium for improved conductivity. Some long-life electrodes contain cooling devices on one end for long lasting durability, Most electrodes wear out after a number of uses. Electrode replacement is recommended when pits develop at the front of the electrode. Electrodes are produced by Anchor Brand and Thermal Arc. Sizes, specs and associated plasma torch models vary per model.

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  • Pipe Thread Fittings

    Pipe Thread Fittings
    See all 1 items in product family
    Pipe Thread Fittings Are Available In A Variety Of Sizes And Connection Types.

    Pipe Thread Fittings are made for welding applications and are available for pressures ranging from 1000 PSIG to 6000 PSIG. Connection types include several combinations of male and female connections. Choose from a variety of thread sizes.

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  • Plasma Cutter - Compressed Air Filters

    Plasma Cutter - Compressed Air Filters
    See all 1 items in product family
    Disposable In-Line Desiccant Filter
    • Ideal for small plasma cutters, air tools, blow guns and spray equipment
    • Removes oil aerosols, condensed moisture and particulates
    • Replacement color change indicator
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  • Magnetic Guides

    Magnetic Guides
    See all 1 items in product family
    Flange Wizard® Magnetic Circle Layout And Torch Guides Are Used For Cutting.

    All three models have a sliding soapstone holder and a 360° scale mounted on a magnetic base. Magnetic guides are used as a circle layout tool or as a circle burning guide to cut a round plate. They can also be used for straight or beveled cutting. Blocks are slotted on three sides. Torch guide has a 24-inch rail.

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  • Cable Connectors & Terminals

    Cable Connectors & Terminals
    See all 6 items in product family
    Cable Connectors and Terminals Allow Splicing and Terminating Of Power Cables For Welding, Maintenance, and Repair Environments.

    These cable connectors are designed to connect two or more conductor ends in a pigtail application and insulate the connection. The cam action design optimizes the interface between the connector halves for a virtually unbreakable connection. The connector covers are designed to resist heat, cold, abrasion, debris, and oil solvents to ensure a strong connection. The metal parts are precision machined with a specially shaped brass extrusion for lasting dependability.
    • Cam action design
    • Connector covers
    • Connection types are Double Oval-Point Screw, Female Terminal Connector, Male Half, Male/Female, Single Ball-Point, and more
    • Cable capacities are 1/0 - 2/0, 1/0 - 3/0, 1/0 - 4/0, and more
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  • Spark Deflection

    Spark Deflection
    See all 1 items in product family
    Welding and Spark Deflection Paper is a fire retardant paper used to protect glass and painted surfaces during welding and grinding.

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  • Longevity® TIG Welding Accessories

    Longevity® TIG Welding Accessories
    See all 11 items in product family
    Accessories for Longevity TIG Welding machines
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  • Goss Welding Kits

    Goss Welding Kits
    See all 8 items in product family
    Goss Welding Kits Are Designed For Welding And Brazing Tube, Sheet Or Pipe And HVAC Repairs.

    Goss Welding Kits are made with solidly manufactured materials for long lasting durability. Features a lightweight and compact design for easy portability. Contents of kits vary per model.

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  • MIG Gun & Accessories

    MIG Gun & Accessories
    See all 1 items in product family
    MIG Flex Neck for MIG Guns - 8" - 180°

    Sturdy flex necks adjust easily to fit any angle. Flex necks fit all Bernard Q-Guns™ and S-Guns™ - from 150 - 600 amps. Stay-Tite™ connection improves conductivity for better weld quality. Reduces heat to increase operator comfort. Easily removable for jump liner changeover.

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  • Plasma Cutter Accessories

    Plasma Cutter Accessories
    See all 7 items in product family
    Shield Cup

    Specifically designed for the SL60 or SL100 plasma 1 Torch. Suitable for all Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster plasma cutters.

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  • Plasma Arc Torches

    Plasma Arc Torches
    See all 1 items in product family
    Extreme K3000 Air Carbon Arc Gouging Torch and Cable, 3/8, 7 ft Cable w/ Hook up

    Works efficiently with the natural angles and movements of the arm and wrist. High impact and heat resistant front insulators protect the torch metal parts. Fully enclosed power and air connection.

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  • Gouging Torches

    Gouging Torches
    See all 1 items in product family
    Angle-Arc K4000 Gouging Torch - 5/32-5/8" Flat - 1000A - 7 Ft. Cable

    Natural 15° torch angle for greater operator comfort. Positive grip handle for greater operator feel and ease in positioning torch. Durable front insulators; high-impact and heat-resistant protecting the torch metal part.

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