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  • Damper Actuators

    Damper Actuators
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    Damper Actuators Provide Control For A Variety of HVAC Applications.

    Damper Actuators improve reliability by eliminating damper linkages, and the single screw coupling provides three-point shaft gripping for ease of use. For zone damper and ball valve actuator applications, the small size provided access to tight-fitting locations. The synchronous drive provides constant rotation time independent of load, and the magnetic clutch provides torque protection for the actuator and damper. Available in a variety of Damper, Non-Spring Return Actuators, and Electric Spring Return Actuator in a variety of styles and torques.

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  • TRUERH™ Duct Probe Humidity Devices

    TRUERH™ Duct Probe Humidity Devices
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    TRUERH™ Duct Probe Humidity Devices Are Used For Humidity And Temperature Readings In Wall Or Duct-Mount.

    TRUERH™ Duct Probe Humidity Element with Temperature Sensors are made of all-polymer for improved resistance to chemical corrosion. Humidity sensor patented sensing element provides accurate and reliable humidity sensing. Circuitry and calibration techniques are patent pending. One-unit humidity and temperature sensors reduce installation costs. User-selectable output voltage range allows choice of standard voltage outputs for use with systems in service or new systems. HE Series Devices are available in Duct or Wall Mount styles. HL Series Devices provide several humidity control applications, including high-limit or proportional override, stand-alone proportional or stand-alone two position. Duct Humidistats function as an operating control that automatically shuts off a humidifier when setpoint is reached, and turns it on when humidity falls 5% below the setpoint.

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  • Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuators

    Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuators
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    Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuators Are Used For Air Flow Control Dampers, Interior Settings Or Confined Areas.

    Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuators are multipurpose positioning devices used to positioning and operating dampers on Variable Air Volume (VAV), terminal units and small ventilating dampers in response to output signals of a pneumatic controller or electro-pneumatic transducer. Actuators feature high power to size ratio for locations in confined spaces, telescoping linkage and front or rear mounting options for flexible installation and mounting configurations, and a lightweight aluminum housing. Available in a variety of models and spring ranges.

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  • Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation Control System

    Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation Control System
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    Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation Control Systems Optimize Air Delivery Efficiency.

    Fresh Air Ventilation Control operates a fresh air intake damper and, when necessary, activates the main HVAC blower to efficiently meet ASHRAE ventilation rates. Optimizes the air delivery schedule to make efficient use of normal HVAC run times. Easy-to-use input dials allow customized ventilation. Test mode provides immediate feedback to confirm that air delivery requirements of selected ventilation standards are being met. Economical supply-only ventilation works with forced air system. Fresh Air Ventilation System includes the Fresh Air Ventilation Control, EARD6 normally closed 6 inch damper, AT120B 120V AC/24V AC 20V amp transformer, mounting hardware for control and homeowner information label.

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  • Argo Hydro-Air Zoning Controls

    Argo Hydro-Air Zoning Controls
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    Argo Hydro-Air Zoning Controls Regulate The Function Of Multiple Thermostats And Air Handlers While Using A Single Boiler.

    Argo Hydro-Air Zoning Controls feature LED diagnostic readout for long lasting reliability. Efficient design includes built-in air handler freeze protection. Zoning control has plug in connectors to easily expand systems up to 20 zones. Multiple terminals accommodate two-speed air handlers. Strap-on bi-metal aquastat prevents cold air from circulating while in heating mode. 5-year limited warranty. Zones controlled are 1, 2 or 3. Dimensions vary per model.

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  • Two-Way Pressure-Actuated Valves

    Two-Way Pressure-Actuated Valves
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    Two-Way Pressure-Actuated Valves Are Used For Fan Coil Units, Unit Heaters, And Single-Stage Packaged Heating/Cooling Equipment.

    Two-Way Pressure-Actuated Valves for High-Pressure Refrigerants regulate water flow to control refrigerant head pressure in systems with water-cooled condensers. Internal parts are corrosion-resistant with no close-fitting or sliding parts in water passages. Accessible range spring. Take-apart build with pressure-balanced structure. Maximum allowable water pressure is 150 psi. Available models are direct acting and come in a variety of different valve connection sizes.

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  • Sump Pump Switches

    Sump Pump Switches
    See all 5 items in product family
    Sump Pump Switches Are Used For On/Off Control Of Sump Pumps.

    Sump Pump Switches start an electric motor on liquid level rise and stop the motor on liquid level drop. The control cuts in when upper weight is submerged approximately halfway, and cuts out when lower weight is approximately half-exposed. Each switch includes 36 in. cable and (2) two weights. Equipped with a power cord and a piggyback style plug for ease of use. Available in several models with Clamp or Bracket mount type.

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  • Argo Switching Relays

    Argo Switching Relays
    See all 5 items in product family
    Argo Switching Relays Are Robust Enough To Handle Up To 15 Zones.

    Argo Switching Relays have a sturdy construction for long lasting durability and strength. Available in a variety of styles to fit a wide array of applications. Choose from Single Zone, 2 Zone, 3 Zone, 4 Zone and 6 Zone models. The relay diagnostic light is easily viewable through the window for quick and easy reading. Features Plug-In Replaceable Relays, a 5-Second Time Delay for boiler shut-off and a Priority Safety Timer that prevents freeze-ups and ensures that other zones get heat every 30 minutes. Dimensions vary from model to model.

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  • Argo Zone Valve Controls

    Argo Zone Valve Controls
    See all 4 items in product family
    Argo Zone Valve Controls Are Clearly Marked For Easy And Accurate Installation.
    Argo Zone Valve Controls have a sturdy construction for long lasting durability. They are compatible with all types of thermostats and have a front window with clearly visible LED, diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting. Expandable up to 10 zones with priority utilizing two Az controls. Choose from 3 Zone, 4 Zone, 5 Zone and 6 Zone models. Comes in a sleek, black color for an attractive look. Dimensions and horsepowers vary.

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  • Zoning Static Pressure Control

    Zoning Static Pressure Control
    See all 1 items in product family
    Static Pressure Control - Used W/ Mard For Bypass Control Are Used For A Variety Of Air Quality Applications.

    Static Pressure Control - Used W/ Mard For Bypass Control is constructed with high quality materials for long lasting durability. Replacement part with 24 AC voltage and connection screw terminals. Provides C, NC and NO terminal designation. Motorized bypass application. Quantity is 1.

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  • Zone Control Panels

    Zone Control Panels
    See all 2 items in product family
    Zone Control Panels Allow Individual Temperature Adjustments For Varied Zones In Offices, Schools, Health Care Facilities And Other Industrial Venues.

    Zone Control Panels provide temperature control over several individual zones in a building. Panels are available with 2 Zone or 3 Zone controls.

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  • Pneumatic Transducers

    Pneumatic Transducers
    See all 3 items in product family
    Pneumatic Transducers Output Pneumatic Control Signals In Response To Electronic Control Signals.

    Electro-Pneumatic Transducers convert a voltage or current signal from an electronic controller into a pneumatic output pressure signal. An increase or decrease in the input signal proportionally increases or decreases (respectively) the output pressure signal from the EP-8000. The 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA Input Range provides interface with a wide range of controllers or retrofit installations, hypodermic needle test point enables fast and easy output pressure signal measurement, factory set adjustable zero and span facilitates field calibrations, and high accuracy with low hysteresis provides long lasting durability. Easy installation on a variety of mounting surfaces, including direct mounting on pneumatic valve actuators. Available in 3 different output ranges.

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  • Zoning Panels

    Zoning Panels
    See all 26 items in product family
    Honeywell Zoning Products Are Used For Conventional And Hydronic Heating Systems To Deliver Even Temperature Control And Cost Savings.

    Honeywell AQ series of AQUATROL Programmable Relay Boiler Controls provide simplified, energy-efficient control of single-temperature, residential hydronic heating systems. Easily converts a single zone heating system into a room-by-room comfort control system, or upgrades a basic, relay-logic zoning system to intelligent Zone of Greatest Demand control for increased energy efficiency with reduced boiler cycling. Boiler controls can ensure an ample supply of hot water for both space heating and priority generation of domestic hot water for bathing, dishes and laundry. Choose from the full-featured HZ432, the flexible HZ322, or the economical HZ311 and HZ221 systems for conventional, heat pump or dual fuel applications. Conventional and hydronic thermostats, accessories, replacement parts and kits are also available.

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  • Total Zone System Kits

    Total Zone System Kits
    See all 4 items in product family
    Honeywell TrueZone® System Kits Provide The Benefit Of Even Temperature Control With The Ease Of Application And Maximum Flexibility.

    All kits include a zone panel, transformer and discharge air temperature sensor. Works with virtually any brand equipment for zone control of conventional, heat pump or dual fuel systems. Push-in terminal blocks wire in half the time as compared to screw terminals. 8" wide panels can be mounted on the return duct, studs or wall next to the system. Wires can be run on the side, top, bottom or backside of the panel. LEDs indicate which zones are calling, if it's for heating or cooling and when the emergency heat is on. Reduces blower speed in cooling when one zone is calling. Downstages equipment when discharge air temperature is near the limit or shuts down. YHZ kits include everything you need for a two zone wireless zoning system except dampers.

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  • Pneumatic Actuator

    Pneumatic Actuator
    See all 1 items in product family
    Pneumatic Actuator Is Widely Used With 1/2" Flare Valves As Well As 3/4" To 1-1/2" Cage Trim Valves.

    Pneumatic Actuator features a molded synthetic rubber diaphragm in a die-cast aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant enamel finish for long lasting durability. Zoning control converts the pneumatic signal from a controller to position steam or water valve modulating plugs. Actuator installs easily with a single set screw. Size is 3"H x 4-7/16" Diameter. Style is Exposed Yoke. Nominal spring range is 3 to 6, 4 to 8 and 9 to 13 PSIG (KPA.)

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