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Loosely defined, a hard hat must be worn when working in areas where there is a potential for injury or exposure to the head from impacts, falling or flying objects, or electrical shock.

Hard hats are required for construction sites, working underground/enclosed areas, demolition or renovation work, high voltage and other industrial areas. The OSHA standard incorporates the ANSI Z89.1 standard and employers will need hard hats that are in compliance.

Two types of hard hats under ANSI shopnow

hard_hats hard_hats
Type 1: Protects the top of head to reduce the force of impact from a blow to the top of head.
Type 2: Protects the top and the sides of head to reduce the force of lateral impact from a blow that is off-center, side or top of the head.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) represented one-quarter of all construction fatalities during an eight-year study period.


Not intended to provide protection against contact with electrical conductors. Styles may have vented options to protect the wearer from impact and provide increased breathability or added ventilation through their conductive material.

Reduces exposure to high voltage conductors Dielectric protection up to 20,000 volts (phase to ground).


Reduces exposure to low voltage conductors Dielectric protection up to 2,200 volts (phase to ground).

Construction workers sustain more traumatic brain injuries than employees at any other type of workplace in the United States.


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