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  • Valve Lockouts

    Valve Lockouts
    See all 25 items in product family
    Valve Lockouts Are Used For Blocking Valve Handles From Unvwanted Movement And Position Change.

    Valve Lockouts are solidly made for long lasting durability and dependability. Available in a variety of styles to meet particular application. Rotating Gate Lockouts surround the valve operating handle to protect against accidental valve opening. Used for confined space applications. Valve Wheel Lockouts consist of 2 flattened half moons that completely cover the valve wheels from 1" to 14" in diameter. Ball Valve Lockouts lock ball valves safely and efficiently. Butterfly Valve Lockouts are universally designed for butterfly valves. All meet OSHA 29 CRF 1910.147 regulations.

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  • Electrical & Circuit Lockouts

    Electrical & Circuit Lockouts
    See all 26 items in product family
    Electrical Lockouts Keep Employees Safe By Locking Out Equipment And Energy Sources.

    Prevent machinery and equipment from being used by locking out electrical outlets and power cords. Electric switch and plug lockout devices are designed for quick, easy use with a wide variety of equipment. Choose the size and style that fits your needs. Meets OSHA 29 CRF 1910.147 regulations.

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  • Lockout Steering Wheel Covers

    Lockout Steering Wheel Covers
    See all 27 items in product family
    Lockout Steering Wheel Covers Prevent Vehicle Access For Construction, Automotive, Transport, and Other Applications.

    These lockout steering wheel covers are designed to prevent personnel from driving a vehicle that is disabled or undergoing maintenance. The reinforced vinyl construction has a printed warning message for added visibility. The metal grommet hole can be used with a hasp or padlock as an added deterrence (sold separately). The covers fit most standard steering wheels for application versatility. Available colors are Black/Yellow or Black/Red/White.
    • Vinyl construction
    • Grommet hole
    • Fits most steering wheels
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  • MasterLock® Cable Lockouts

    MasterLock® Cable Lockouts
    See all 8 items in product family
    MasterLock® Cable Lockouts

    Retractable cable lockout devices for a variety of applications. Rugged Zenex™ housing stores unused cable. Ergonimic take-up wheel retracts the cable. Deep pockets allow for easy operation. Contoured Design allows stacking of multiple devices. Choose the S856 with Steel cable or S866 with Nylon cable.

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  • Document Storage Boxes

    Document Storage Boxes
    See all 3 items in product family
    Justrite Document Storage Boxes Are Used For Storing Important Documents And Making Them Readily Available.

    Justrite Document Storage Boxes are made of weather resistant polyethylene for long lasiting durability and moisture protection. Large label area for easy identification. 2 blank and 2 printed labels. Highly visible bright red color. Easily installs with heavy-duty double-sided tape and four built-in mounting holes. Padlockable for security. Available in Medium Top Opening, Medium Front Opening and Large Front Opening models.

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  • ABUS Cable Lockouts

    ABUS Cable Lockouts
    See all 8 items in product family
    Cable Lockouts Are Widely Used To Keep Handles, Valves And Other Difficult To Lock Devices In The Off Position.

    Cable Lockouts are plastic devices with sheathed metal cable for long lasting performance and security. Patented grip mechanism permits secure cable tightening. Retightening can be done at any time even when locked for practical lockout applications. Cable lockouts hold up to 6 padlocks for security. Cable lengths are 3', 6', 9' and 15'. Color finishes are Red or Red/Black. Other dimensions vary by model.

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  • Gas Cylinder Lockouts

    Gas Cylinder Lockouts
    See all 1 items in product family
    Gas Cylinder Lockout Completely Secures Main Cylinder Valves To Prevent Tampering.

    Gas Cylinder Lockout is made from crack-resistant polypropylene for long lasting durability. Polypropylene material is non-conductive to prevent dangerous sparks or combustion. Bright red color with yellow lockout warning message is easy to see from a distance. Gas cylinder lockout accepts 1 padlock (not included).

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  • Compressed Air Connection Lockout

    Compressed Air Connection Lockout
    See all 3 items in product family
    Compressed Air Connection Lockout Is Used For Cutting Off Pneumatic Supply Lines During Inspection, Repair, or Maintenance Applications.

    The compressed air connection lockout is designed to secure and lockout pneumatic equipment and prevent tampering. The polycarbonate and fiberglass reinforced nylon construction provides impact resistance for heavy duty working environments. The lockout devices can support several connections at the same time making them useful for high traffic areas. Can be secured with a padlock for added security (sold separately).
    • Polycarbonate and nylon construction
    • Supports several connections
    • Padlock accessible
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  • ABUS Electrical Lockout Devices

    ABUS Electrical Lockout Devices
    See all 5 items in product family
    Electrical Lockout Devices Are Essential Tools To Shut Down Circuit Breakers, Wall Switches, Plugs And More During Routine Maintenance.

    Electrical Lockout Devices are made from durable polypropylene to prevent tampering and increase performance. Easy-to-install lockouts accept 1 or 2 padlocks for maximum security. Circuit Breaker Lockout is secured via a screw-type mechanism to provide increased strength and precise fit. Accepts 9/32" shackle diameters. Power Plug Lockout are available in 2 sizes to accept either standard or high voltage plugs. Cable tunnel on both sides offers secure plug connection. Accepts 23/64" shackle diameters. See through Wall Switch Lockout allows maintenance staff to quickly see if switch is in on or off position for additional safety. Accepts one padlock with 5/16" shackle diameter. Additional dimensions vary by model.

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  • ABUS Valve Lockout Devices

    ABUS Valve Lockout Devices
    See all 9 items in product family
    Valve Lockout Devices Are Widely Used To Secure Valves In The Off Position During Maintenance Tasks.

    Valve Lockout Devices are made from durable plastic material for long lasting use and increased tamper resistance. Ball Valve Lockouts prevent accidental activation of most quarter-turn ball valves. Several locking points permit better grip on the valve. Gate Valve Lockout slips around valve handle and secures with one padlock to protect against accidental valve opening. Predetermined breaking point on top accommodates threaded valves. Various types included to fit small and large diameter valves. Dimensions vary by model.

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  • Confined Space Covers

    Confined Space Covers
    See all 4 items in product family
    Confined Space Covers are OSHA Compliant for Confined Space Standards.

    Confined Space Covers have lockable straps to secure cover over the confined space opening, The cover also acts as a barrier to entry to protect affected employees and exceed OSHA standards. The solid front cover keeps out debris, weather, and pests. Wide lockable straps feature 25 grommets on each side to cover the flange and adjust the fit before locking the cover. Cover can be easily cleaned, stored and reused while also standing up to extreme environments. Dimensions vary.

    • UV stable
    • Exceeds OSHA 29CFR 1910.146 Standard for Permit Required Confined Space
    • Easy-to-use, lockable cover slips over flange of confined space for quick application to prevent unauthorized entry
    • Provides OSHA required signage to warn affected workers of an opened confined space
    • Size Extra Large fits standard 32in - 39in (813mm - 991mm) man-ways
    • Keeps unwanted materials from entering confined space
    • Made from durable materials to withstands extreme environments
    • Easy to clean and store
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  • Brady Electrical Lockout Devices

    Brady Electrical Lockout Devices
    See all 30 items in product family
    Brady Electrical Lockout Devices Provide Employee Safety For Electrical, Maintenance, Repair, and Other Applications.

    These Brady electrical lockout devices are designed to isolate and secure circuit breaker switches for maintenance safety. The devices have a wide range of single-pole and internal-trip multi-pole breakers for application versatility. Includes a detachable cleat that expands the range of applicable breakers. Red or yellow color finishes are available.
    • Single and multi-pole breakers
    • Detachable cleat
    • Available styles are 3-In-1 Plug Lockout, Clamp-On Circuit Breaker Lockout, Oversized Circuit Breaker Lockout, and Plug Lockout
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  • Brady Valve Lockout Devices

    Brady Valve Lockout Devices
    See all 16 items in product family
    Brady Valve Lockout Devices Provide Personnel Safety For Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Other Applications.

    These Brady valve lockout devices are designed to cover the valve handle and act as a padlock to ensure employee safety. The devices are made of polypropylene which is resistant to extreme temperatures for lasting durability. The compact design is made for easy carrying, transport, and storage. Includes English, Spanish, and French danger labels. Color finish is red.
    • Polypropylene construction
    • Compact design
    • Available styles are Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout and Gate Valve Lockout
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  • Accuform Electrical Lockout Devices

    Accuform Electrical Lockout Devices
    See all 14 items in product family
    Accuform Electrical Lockout Devices Prevent Power Access For Electrical, Commercial, Maintenance, and Other Applications.

    These Accuform electrical lockout devices keep circuit breakers, operation buttons, and other systems safely in the off position during routine maintenance and repairs. The circuit breaker lockouts can secure up to a triple-pole circuit breaker securing it in the off/locked position. The push button cover prevents accidental start-up of a push/pull operation button, such as an emergency stop. The plastic construction provides durability and impact resistance. Some models are available in a red color finish for high visibility.
    • Triple-pole maximum capacity
    • Push button cover
    • Plastic construction
    • Available types are Circuit Breaker Lockout, LOTO Device, Multi-Plug Lockout, and Switch Cover
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  • Accuform Valve Lockout Devices

    Accuform Valve Lockout Devices
    See all 7 items in product family
    Accuform Valve Lockout Devices Prevent Unauthorized Access For Plumbing, Repair, Industrial, and Other Applications.

    These Accuform valve lockout devices are designed to prevent valve entry during routine maintenance and repairs. The ball valve lockout has two wingspan halves that hinge to efficiently secure over any closed ball valve handle. The gate valve lockout has a hinged clamshell housing that encloses the handle, preventing unauthorized access. The plastic construction provides strength, durability, and impact resistance for heavy duty working conditions. The devices have a red color finish for high visibility. Meets OSHA requirements.
    • Plastic construction
    • Red color finish
    • Available styles are Bill Valve Lockout, Gate Valve Lockout, and Stopout® Gate Valve Lockout
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  • Lockout/Tagout Accessories

    Lockout/Tagout Accessories
    See all 3 items in product family
    Lockout/Tagout Accessories Provide High Visibility Notification For Construction, Warehouse, and Maintenance Applications.

    These lockout/tagout accessories are designed for displaying worker training credentials and identification purposes. The wallet cards are a reference identification for employees to carry on jobsites and other working areas. The vinyl hard hat label is made for credential visibility and adheres to various curved or uneven surfaces. The plastic and vinyl construction is durable for heavy duty working conditions.
    • Types are Wallet Cards and Hard Hat Labels
    • Plastic and vinyl construction
    • Package quantities are 5, 10, and 25
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  • Glad Hand Lockout Devices

    Glad Hand Lockout Devices
    See all 1 items in product family
    Glad Hand Lockout Devices Prevent Unauthorized Access For Transport, Fleet, Commercial, and Other Applications.

    These glad hand lockout devices are designed to block the emergency brake airline preventing accidental trailer drive-off. The easy-to-use, clam-style design completely covers the glad hand for maximum security. The device is made of plastic for strength, impact resistance, and lasting reliability. May be secured with a padlock (sold separately) for added safety. Includes a red color finish for high visibility. OSHA approved.
    • Clam-style design
    • Plastic construction
    • Red color finish
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  • Accuform Cable Lockout Devices

    Accuform Cable Lockout Devices
    See all 2 items in product family
    Accuform Cable Lockout Devices Prevent Equipment Access For Plumbing, Maintenance, and Repair Applications.

    These Accuform cable lockout devices are designed to lockout multiple devices at once for added security. The polycarbonate construction is strong, durable, and impact resistant for heavy duty working conditions. The red octagon shape reinforces the lockout STOP notification. OSHA approved.
    • Polycarbonate construction
    • Octagon shape
    • Available styles are Stopout® Cinch Cable Lockout and Stopout® Twist ‘N Lock Cinch Lockout Hasp
    • Type is LOTO Device
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  • Blind Flange Lockout

    Blind Flange Lockout
    See all 3 items in product family
    Blind Flange Lockout

    The Master Lock® Blind Flange Lockout device is the best practice solution for pipeline maintenance. Device fully conceals flange bolts preventing access until all work is completed. Adjustable device provides a tight fit, for use with multiple flanged pipe applications. Four locking holes allows foe multiple workers to lock out the device at one time. Made of durable aluminum and hardened steel the device can withstand indoor and outdoor conditions. Three sizes to choose from.

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  • Brady® Cable Lockouts

    Brady® Cable Lockouts
    See all 7 items in product family
    Brady® Cable Lockouts Can Lock Out Several Energy Isolation Points and Difficult-to-Secure Isolating Devices.

    Cable Lockouts are easy to use - simply hold device in one hand and clinch tight with the other. Built-in cable loop keeps cable more neatly coiled when stored and easier to handle when being applied. Bodies are made of rugged impact-modified glass-filled nylon for superior chemical, corrosion, and temperature resistance. Available styles include Mini Cable Lockout, Cable Lockout, and Economy Cable Lockout. Mini Cable Lockouts are perfect for disconnect switches and small gate valves. These are compact and portable with the cable stored internally. Push button self-winding mechanism retracts automatically to tightly cinch the cable, leaving no slack. Device comes complete with a sheathed metal lockout cable attachment. Cable material is nylon or steel. Diameters are 3/16" or 5/64". Cable lengths are 6' or 8'.

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  • Haws® Gate Valve Stem Shields

    Haws® Gate Valve Stem Shields
    See all 5 items in product family
    Haws® Gate Valve Stem Shields Protect Stem and Yoke Gate Valves for Sprinkler Piping, Fire Protection Systems, and more.

    Stem Shields™ provide self-maintenance handling, reduce the need for frequent lubrication, and protect stem threading from degradation or damage. Soft-cell rubber foam enclosed PVC pipe is chemically-resistant and waterproof. Stark yellow casing protects users from accidental injury or exposure to infection. Equipped stainless steel cable secures lock shield placement without inhibiting valve operation. Minimum Stem Shield™ heights are 2-1/8". Maximum Stem Shield™ heights are 3-1/2". Dimensions vary per model.
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