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Catalog Request

How do I request a catalog?

You must be registered and logged in before you can enter your request. To request a catalog, click here, or click "Request A Catalog" at the bottom of any Global Industrial page. If you have not logged in, click "Login / Create A New Account" to login or create a new account.

The Request Catalog page displays available catalogs. Check the checkbox underneath each catalog you want by clicking on the select catalog checkbox. If there is only one available catalog, the checkbox will already be selected.

Check the mailing address displayed for your account. If it is incorrect, please click the 'Edit' link to update your address information. A popup window will then open, displaying your shipping address. Once you are sure of the correct address, select the "Submit" button. Your request will be submitted and we will send the most current catalog(s) to you.

How do I unsubscribe from the catalog?

To unsubscribe from the Global Industrial catalog, click here, or click "Catalog Unsubscribe" at the bottom of any Global Industrial page.

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