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#FlattenTheCurve... Social Distancing and Self Quarantine

The CDC recommends a social distance of 6 feet or more to maintain your personal health and protection. There are many products that can help you maintain efficient remote workspaces and to create separation in your work environment to protect employees and customers. Office Partitions and room dividers can separate larger spaces to help establish social distancing.

Temp Work Space & Social Distancing

If you are currently working in a temporary workspace, the same cleaning and sanitizing measures apply. Make sure you keep your area a safe distance from any other workers, and keep sanitizing sprays and wipes handy. Clean your laptop screen and keyboard often with lint-free microfiber cloths or with a can of compressed air. Set up partition dividers and room dividers to separate workers from sitting on top of each other.

Freestanding Panels

Deluxe Corner Divider

Portable Room Dividers

Whiteboard Room Dividers

Training Tables

Folding Tables

Leather Chairs

Crowd Control

Protecting your space – whether it's a retail outlet, a restaurant, or other public arena– with physical barriers, gates, roping, and signs will effectively signify a separate area and direct traffic flow effectively.

Crowd Control Tapes

Crowd Control Posts & Ropes

Crowd Control Barriers

Wall Mounted Barriers

Belt Stanchions

Security Gates

Traffic Cones

Plastic Chains & Stanchions

Home Office Furniture

We can make furnishing an office easy. Whether it's new space or creating additional space, we offer high quality furniture for your home office, including office chairs, chair mats, whiteboards and computer desks.

Desk Collection

Modular Desks

Adjustable Standing Desks


Mobile White Boards


Mesh Office Chairs

Sit-Stand Stools

Chair Mats

Mobile Furniture

Computer Accessories

We supply the accessories to complete your home office work space, be as productive at home as you are at the office.

Sit-Stand Desk Converters

Dual Display Monitor Desk Mounts

Single Display Monitor Mounts

Printer Stands

USB Hubs

USB Adapters

Cell Phone Charging Stations

iPad/Tablet Stands

Home Office Supplies

Make sure you have the right equipment and supplies to make a seamless transition from the office to the home. Check that you have everything you need to keep your space in the green. Replicate your office space at your home.


Copy Paper

Notebook & Pads


Staplers and Staples

Printers and Scanners

Ink and Toner


Tape and Adhesives

Power Strips

Cleaning Supplies

if you are currently working in a temporary workspace, the same cleaning and sanitizing measures apply. Make sure you keep your area a safe distance from any other workers, and keep sanitizing sprays and wipes handy.



Paper Towels

Cleaning Supplies


Trash Bags


Garbage Cans


Steam Cleaners


OSHA Quick Facts: Existing OSHA standards apply to protecting workers from COVID-19.

  • Signs and symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath
  • Infected people may experience mild symptoms of illness to more severe cases of pneumonia
  • Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 days to 14 days
  • CDC issued a warning notice to avoid all non-essential travel to China. New health screenings are being used to detect travelers with virus symptoms

Indoor air quality & control

The CDC recommends the use of HEPA air filters in medical settings for patients under investigation or patients with confirmation of COVID-19. The treatment room should not have exhaust that is recirculated within the building without a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Air filtration systems, HEPA vacuums, and climate control methods will ensure that clean rooms and Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIRs) will isolate the virus properly.

Air Filtration

HEPA Vacuums

Climate Control

Air Scrubber

HEPA Filtration

Misting Sanitizer


Check these health resources frequently for up-to-the-minute information:

First Responders

First responders are defined as professionals that provide immediate assistance to a symptomatic person until further medical assistance arrives. The CDC and OSHA recommend that first responders who have ongoing, person-to-person contact protect themselves with the right gloves, and use hazmat bags and Biohazard trash cans to identify and contain contaminated waste.

The Center for Disease Control urges workers and employers involved in healthcare, laboratory, airline, solid waste and waste management operations, first responders, to protect themselves during the course of this virus.

Biohazard Trash Cans


Eye Protection


Utility Carts

Security Trucks

Stainless Steel Carts

Medical Supply Cart

The Center for Disease Control recommends the following:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Stay home when you are sick.

Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue & throw the tissue in the trash.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects & surfaces.

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