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How to Buy Cordless Power Tools

Many of us have lived long enough to remember the time when cordless tools were still mostly non-existent or had awful battery capacities. Today, cordless power tools are so ubiquitous that we couldn’t even begin to imagine we could ever survive without them. People who use such hand tools can truly speak of the benefits of not being hindered by meddlesome cords just when they are in the middle of an important project.

If you or your organization owns cordless tools that are already a few years old, it might be time to look at the newer offerings that manufacturers have in store for you. But with the increasing demand for cordless tools, so have increased the options available for the buying public. The residential and commercial cordless tool markets are now inundated with products made from different materials, have varying qualities, and have differing battery lives. So just where do you start when buying cordless power tools? There are several factors to consider:

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Frequency of use.
Ask yourself, will the hand tools be used often and repeatedly or will you have need of them only once in a while? If you are a homeowner who needs your tools only to do minor repairs or maintenance work, then there might be no need to buy industrial-strength cordless power tools. However, if for example you are someone from a plant maintenance team looking for tools your men will be using on a regular basis, then cordless tools with a higher-voltage battery platform might be necessary. Always remember that when buying hand tools, you get what you pay for.

Charging time and battery strength.
While you might not have to worry about plugging your cordless tool, its battery will eventually run out of power. This can be very inefficient, especially if you’re in the middle of a project. A good comparison would be a laptop running out of power just when you’re writing your final conclusion for that report or thesis. When evaluating battery strength, higher voltage batteries are not necessarily the better option. Try looking into the type of cordless battery that accompanies a hand tool. Lithium-Ion cordless batteries usually offer fast charging time but temperature can affect their capacity over time. Lithium-Ion batteries are also more lightweight than Nickel-Cadmium ones but if you don’t mind the extra weight, you can also choose a Nickel-Cadmium battery which is known for its stability and toughness. A caveat though, Nickel-Cadmium cordless batteries tend to suffer from what is known as “memory effect.” If you haven’t heard about this problem, here’s a simple explanation: it is believed that when rechargeable batteries of cordless hand tools are not fully discharged between charge cycles, they tend to remember the shortened cycle. Therefore, their battery capacity or the length of time a person can use them per charge is decreased over time. Lithium-Ion cordless batteries do not suffer from memory effect and they are also more environment-friendly because they don’t contain the heavy metal cadmium.

Weight and ergonomics.
Speaking of battery weight, it is also important to consider the total heaviness of a hand tool. If you will be using a particular power tool, say a cordless drill or a cordless screwdriver frequently, then it might be advantageous to choose a more lightweight version of these cordless power tools. In addition, proper ergonomics is also important. Ergonomics is the science of equipment design, which aims to reduce user fatigue and discomfort, as well as to prevent injuries. Features like proper power-to-weight ratio and appropriate handle or grip fit are important for the operator’s comfort and safety.

Individual features.
The quality of cordless tools will often depend on their individual features which have been included by their manufacturers either because of industry standards or because of maker-specific reasons. When out buying for woodworking tools like a cordless drill, for example, you’ll want to check out its chuck size. Ordinary homeowners will often need nothing more than a cordless drill with a 3/8" chuck size, whereas heavy load workers should consider buying cordless drills with a 1/2" chuck size. You’ll also want to look into its torque, which means how hard the drill can twist. The higher the torque, the better. Check out with the manufacturer or retailer about the specific and special features of other woodworking tools you might want to buy like cordless screwdrivers, circular saws, hammer drills and so on.

Buy from reputable manufacturers.
After everything else has been considered, remember to buy only from reputable and professional manufacturers. Global Industrial, for example, sells only from the world’s leading power tool companies. You can choose from our wide inventory of Bosch cordless tools, Makita cordless tools, Dewalt cordless tools and Milwaukee cordless tools. Whether you need Bosch cordless drills or a genuine Makita battery and Bosch Battery, you’ll never run out of choices at Global Industrial.

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Choose tools from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers

Bosch Cordless Tools
One of the biggest names in the automotive and appliance industries, Bosch, a German industrial giant, also manufactures power tools for the building trade and DIY enthusiasts. Learn about our Bosch cordless drills, grinders, rotary hammers and planers (all powered by Bosch battery) today.

Dewalt Cordless Tools
A leading name in power tools for the construction and woodworking industries, you’ll never run out of choices of Dewalt tools at Global Industries. Choose from our inventory of circular saws, batteries, hammer drills, and more!

Milwaukee Cordless Tools
A renowned manufacturer of heavy-duty portable electric power tools and accessories, Milwaukee is a global leader with some 500 products currently under its belt. We sell impact drivers, camp meters and plumb lasers from this manufacturer.

Makita Cordless Tools
Makita has nearly 100 years of experience in advanced motor design and is renowned for its ability to apply the latest engineering technology to manufacture some of the world’s best power tools. Choose from our stock of reciprocating saws, cordless blowers, impact wrenches, cordless vacuums and so many more. Every Makita cordless tool is powered by genuine Makita battery.

Searching for the most advanced and leading tools the industry has to offer? You don’t have to look far because might just have the right cordless tools for you. Browse through our website, today!