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Outdoor Cleanup & Maintenance

Clear walkways on your outdoor grounds. With the right cleanup tools and equipment from Global Industrial – you can make it happen. Whether it’s an old limb from a tall tree that fell, or a clutter of leaves stuck in the gutters, get the job done. From outdoor rated blowers, along with chain and pole saws, we have solutions that keep pathways clean as if it were still summer.


Keep Your Interior Dry & Clean

Fall is not only about outdoors. Bad weather can easily sneak inside. Protect your indoors and keep it crystal with solutions that sweep and scrub expectations off your feet. And speaking of sweeping, our floor sweepers make an ideal final step in the any cleanup process, keeping warehouses floors clean and free of debris and clutter.

Let The Outdoor Fun Continue

Extend the summer months and keep the outdoor areas of your business open to guests, staff, and employees. From campsites and parks to restaurants and hotels with outdoor lounging and dining, we have products that produce and spread comfortable heat.

Outdoor Storage and Organization

Groundkeepers and maintenances crews know that staying on top of what goes where and what houses which equipment is pivotal to successfully managing any outdoor grounds area. Don’t wait until outdoor storage becomes a challenge too big for your crew. Add a permanent or portable shed that frees up space in existing areas used for storing supplies.

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