5 Tips to Turning an Outdoor Space into a Destination



Whether it’s a planned event or for spontaneous gatherings, enhancing outdoor spaces with proper furniture and equipment can greatly increase accessibility to your facility. One of the first places to start is by choosing an outdoor space (or spaces) that can easily be turned into a new sanctuary for your team. With some basic additions, any outdoor space can become a refuge for employees looking to take a break from the daily grind.



Add or Expand Upon Shade Reach


Shade is the first step to adding comfort to an outdoor space. Before getting started, make sure to survey how much sun and shade your outdoor facility typically experiences during common break time hours. With a general idea in mind, you can consider purchasing shade structures, such as sun shades, awnings, and canopies, to provide cooling relief for hot, sunny days. If high or low temperatures are persistent for extended periods of time, an outdoor heater or cooler is also a valuable enhancement.



Add Some Planters


Planters offer value in multiple ways. First, they bring great outdoor environmental benefits, such as improved soil quality. Second, they provide a barrier between outdoor common spaces and keep-off spots, such as freshly fertilized soil or special displays, helping to maintain an attractive, manicured look. Plus, as an added bonus, they create a nice pop of color that improves mood and reduces overall stress.



Put Employee Health First


While updating your outdoor space, it's important to remember the "why" behind it. Employee wellness should always be top priority. The increasing popularity of on-premise gyms shows there’s a growing preference in recreation options. Adding outdoor fitness equipment to these outdoor spaces can transform a basic seating area into a multipurpose space that positively impacts employee health. Outdoor fitness equipment (similar to what can be experienced in parks) is durable, easy to sanitize, and offers a workout for all potential users.



Keep it Clean and Safe


Regulating body temperature is just one of the key benefits that water provides. When creating your new outdoor space, ensure your workers can easily access drinking water without having to continually move back inside. Outdoor bottle filling stations will help resolve this accessibility dilemma. Clean drinking water via a filtered refill station adds safe convenience while limiting surface contact.



Show AND Tell with Bright Signage


The final addition to your outdoor space should be personal sanitation stations and a detailed disinfecting process/schedule. Handwashing stations and/or outdoor sanitizer dispensers will allow for self-sanitation prior to reentering your facilities. A posted, detailed disinfecting process with a cleaning schedule will help promote peace of mind and offer reassurance that this new space keeps health top of mind.


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