Ask These 10 Questions To See If Your Workbench Is Working For You

No matter where your workbench is located or how it’s being used, it’s important to ask the right questions to determine whether your workbench is helping you work effectively and what upgrades might contribute to a more productive work environment.


Does the workspace have enough work area?


You don’t want to be constrained by a surface that doesn’t let you spread out your work materials or offer easy access to the tools you need to complete a job. A wider work surface can help centralize equipment so you can work more efficiently. While you might be making do with your current configuration, think about what would be ideal and find a workbench that is spacious enough by comparing the depth and width of various options, making sure they fit within the space allotted.


Is the workbench high enough?


A work surface that’s too low to the ground can lead to injuries and reduce productivity. But the ideal bench height may vary by project—you might sit to pack orders or do administrative work, while you might stand for extra leverage on other jobs. That’s why an adjustable height workbench can be a good choice as it allows you to move the surface up or down to tailor the height to the activity of the day.


Is there satisfactory storage?


Having enough of the right kind of storage is critical to keeping your space organized and safe, and having your tools, materials, and equipment nearby as you work saves time. To add versatility, your workbench can be augmented with accessories that provide customized storage. Examples of available options include lockable storage cabinets and drawers below the bench, pegboards and cabinets above the bench, bin rails and bins, and even a simple open shelf that provides easy access.


Does it offer the mobility you need?


Relocating tools, bits, and equipment when you’re using them elsewhere can lead to lost parts, not to mention time. Consider a mobile workbench that can be easily transported around a facility. These portable options let you take a durable and versatile work surface to a secondary location, which can come in handy when you are assembling e-commerce orders or sharing the space with another team member. A portable workbench is also useful if you intend to store it safely out of the way to make more room on the floor.


Does it provide enough support?


A workbench that warps and moves under the weight of your equipment can lead to poor performance and mistakes in your work—or even cause injury. Up to the task are heavy-duty workbenches and specially-designed machine tables that are constructed of thick-gauge steel and reinforced to provide a durable surface for using heavy equipment and other rough and weighty materials. As you compare options, make sure to consider the weight capacity of the various choices in the product specs to confirm your selection is adequate for your needs.


Will you be packing inventory in your space?


As e-commerce has surged, so have businesses that cater to this market. Packing inventory requires a wide, clear workspace with accessible storage in order to promote speed and accuracy. This can be achieved with reliable and reasonably priced materials; for example, wood or plastic laminate bench tops are ideal for this application. Packing stations integrate a range of features for accessibility so your merchandise and packing materials are all within reach, making it convenient to stage and assemble orders so you can speed your products to your delighted customers.


Is sterilization or sanitation important for your application?


Stainless steel workbenches can stand up to wear and are easy to sanitize, making them ideal for foodservice or other situations that require sterile conditions. Check the gauge of the steel as you compare products to determine if the workbench is right for you—the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. For example, an 18-gauge stainless steel top would be lighter and suitable for general use. For heavy-duty projects, consider a 14-gauge workbench, which will be thicker and more resistant to corrosion.


Is this mostly an administrative space?


If you will primarily be handling tasks such as developing project proposals or reports, preparing and sending invoices, or managing correspondence, you might prefer a shop desk rather than a traditional workbench. These versatile pieces of furniture are better tailored to administrative functions as they offer a durable work surface combined with secure storage, shelves, and dividers so your materials are easily accessible. Choose a stationary unit or a mobile shop desk that allows you to move to where the work is.


Do you need to plug in equipment or technology?


Adding power strips and extension cords near a workbench can create a safety hazard and become unwieldy. A workbench with an integrated electric apron provides easy access to power directly from the workbench top. A unit that includes a monitor mount and computer accessory tray frees up even more space and helps protect your valuable digital tools.


Would you prefer a complete workstation with accessibility to parts and tools?


A preconfigured workbench brings a variety of key features into a single, efficient unit, with options that include storage for parts and tools, integrated power and lighting, and backstops and edge guards to keep your space contained. This all-in-one workhorse combines all the amenities you need for the ultimate in convenience and efficiency.


Ready to upgrade your workbench today?

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