Don’t zone out when it comes to loading dock safety

It’s just a loading dock, right? Just an open space for trailers to unload material? Or is it something more? Perhaps, it’s an area that deserves respect for being a vital connection to the supply chain and our economy – not to mention a place of inherent danger. And as essential as your loading dock area is for keeping your warehouse operating successfully, it stands to reason that you would want to make every effort to keep it safe and running smoothly.


Let’s get this out the way right now: the truck driver who backs into your loading dock is not the one responsible for what happens after he or she arrives. You are. It’s up to you to bridge the gap between the trailer and the floor of the dock with a dock board. It’s your job to ensure that the dock bumpers, dock seal and a strip door – designed to regulate the temperature and protect people from debris – are properly installed and in working condition. And that’s all before your employees begin to unload material. But in addition to everything you can do outside of your loading dock, there are many things Global Industrial offers to enable you to protect everything on the inside.


Loading up on safety


For starters, to keep people from injury around your loading docks, you may consider installing railing systems and warning signs or even traffic lights. Often, a physical barrier can be more effective than a sign, as it could be blocked by equipment or simply over looked. However, a section of railing or a safety gate installed in the area solves this problem. A barrier can keep a worker from walking or using a pallet truck too close to an open dock, while a flexible bollard can protect machines and inventory racks placed near the dock from being damaged in the event of a collision. The flexible bollard springs away from the moving body, transferring momentum away from impact and minimizing damage. Just keep in mind that these bollards are usually more expensive. With Global Industrial’s marking paint, signs, or traffic cones, you can make it abundantly clear that unauthorized personnel must keep clear during loading and unloading times.


Beyond saving people from serious injury, there are things you can do in the loading dock area to save time and effort, too. Global Industrial offers motorized and flexible conveyors that are specifically designed to help dock workers move material quickly in and out of the trailer, while gloves, vests, hard hats help keep employees safe and productive. Durable, reliable, and always in stock, our professional, high-quality loading dock equipment is your solution for optimizing your loading and unloading areas. Learn more about how we can help you make your space more secure for employees and truck drivers by connecting with one of our Global Industrial sales representatives at 888.978.7759 or contacting us here.


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