Chances are, when the plumbing in your facility is doing its job, you won’t hear much about it. However, it’s quite the opposite if something has gone wrong. Today, more than ever, it’s critical to stay updated with these trends and technologies in the plumbing game to meet client expectations and position yourself ahead of the competition. So, we’ll spend some time here giving facility managers, plumbing contractors and others in the industry a breakdown of the top plumbing trends of 2022, and an opportunity to make a big splash in their field.


Water-Saving Trends


While you don’t naturally think of plumbing and pumps as a category that sees shifts in trends, the fact is, the industry does adjust to the wants and needs of the marketplace. Ask Jason Pepe, Plumbing and Pumps Sales Manager with Global Industrial. With 25 years of experience in the category, Pepe has seen his share of plumbing trends. “Without a doubt, there are trends that emerge. Right now, water-saving trends are a great example of how plumping is being affected by drought conditions across the western United States.” says Pepe. “Specifically, manufacturers are redesigning their toilets to lower the amount of water they use per flush. While the tankless water heater, a household staple in Europe for years, is another great example of saving water.” adds Pepe.


Labor-Saving Trends


While industry trends can revolve around the materials and their functions, plumbing is also currently seeing an uptick in labor saving trends. Designed to save time during installs and repairs, labor saving plumbing materials and furnishings are more popular than ever. Pepe notes, “With demand increasing, contract plumbers are focused on delivering quality work as quickly as possible, making time-efficient products extremely valuable.”


Innovative Trends


Like a lot of fields, innovation plays a large role in the advancement of technology in the plumbing and pumps category. Pepe points out, “Of course, Bluetooth connectivity has entered the plumbing industry and is amplifying the end-user experience for the best. It wouldn’t be a smart home without a smart bathroom or kitchen.”. From maintenance specific alerts regarding water pressure fluctuations to LED toilet seat lighting to a voice-activated faucet, plumbing connectivity is here and growing more popular by the flush.  Designed to make water maintenance easier and its usage more personalized, here are just a few examples of innovative trends in the field:


WiFi Sump Pump with Battery Back-Up Pump

Smart Toilets with Personalized Presets via Phone App

Toilet Lids with Motion Sensing LED Lights

Guardian Leak Prevention System


COVID-19 Trends


While the pandemic itself seems to be waning, COVID-19 dramatically accelerated the adoption of innovations across the globe—and plumbing and pumps were not immune to this trend. In fact, touchless drinking fountains and water bottle fillers were already slowly gaining popularity in the U.S. when the pandemic hit. Pepe notes, “With safety measures to limit the spread of the disease in place, the demand for these types of plumbing products skyrocketed overnight.” The education sector was one area that saw huge growth in the need for touchless products. Providing students and faculty members with touchless flush toilets, sinks and hand dryers became priority number one for school districts across the world. Regardless of when COVID-19 is kept in check, the touchless trend is one that appears to be sticking with us.


One-Stop Supply Shop


Jason Pepe knows how important staying ahead of the plumbing curve is for contractors, smaller distributors and facility managers. He also understands how critical it is for Global Industrial to stock and maintain all the right plumbing supplies. Pepe points out, “Global Industrial is a one-stop shop. We have everything customers need to get the job done. Right down to fittings in every size imaginable.”


If you need plumbing and pump parts, supplies, and accessories or just looking to stay at the forefront of what’s next, we invite you to view our online list of quality products or connect with one of our Global Industrial sales representatives by calling 1.888.978.7759.


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