Make Way for More Space: The Benefits of Inplant Offices

Inplant offices are office systems built into existing warehouses or distribution centers that offer a comfortable space for employees to grab a cup of joe, store supplies, and perform administrative duties away from the hustle and bustle of the main operational areas.


Keeping inplant offices close to these areas allows for faster efficiency and communications ― plus, additional space and square footage that can easily be utilized without disrupting the overall workflow.


Cost-Effective Solutions


When looking to add more space, many warehouse and distribution center teams opt for inplant offices. Why? These structures offer an economical alternative to buying or leasing a new property, or building onto an existing facility. Inplant offices are a quick, cost-effective way to add space without the costs associated with moving or relocating your facility entirely. Plus, in some cities and counties, building permits are not needed to construct inplant offices, helping to further save on costs.


Custom Configurations


Inplant offices come in a range of configurations that can be customized based on your needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, inplant offices have been used for a variety of tasks, from setting up wellness stations to providing storage for disinfecting supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). Post-pandemic, these structures can be transformed back to general office and/or warehouse storage units within your facility.


Similar to mezzanines, inplant offices can also be disassembled and moved to different locations, as needed, within your warehouse or distribution center. This allows for flexibility as demands continue to change or evolve over time.


Two-Level Designs


Another benefit? Inplant offices can be built with more than one level. Some warehouses and distribution centers configure the second floor for supervision, asset protection, and safety purposes, using this second-level viewpoint as a means for clearly overseeing the facility floor below. Other options include having both floors dedicated to office space, or using one as a location for storing additional products.


In short, inplant offices offer a range of benefits and solutions worth considering. Not only will your warehouse or distribution center run more efficiently, you’ll have a clean, quiet, and comfortable space to retreat to that’s close enough to the main action, without being in the midst of it.


Interested in adding an inplant office to your facility? We can supply that.® Explore our range of configurations here: Our Collection of Modular Inplant Offices


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