Our Global Geniuses Answer Your Top Storage and Shelving Questions

In this article, we’ll walk through some of the biggest questions our product experts get about Global Industrial’s storage and shelving solutions. From improving labeling practices to making the most of the open space overhead, read on for tips and solutions for optimizing your storage.


Putting new paper labels over existing labels has led to errors in my facility. What tactics or products can help me keep up with the frequent need to re-label my racks to make room for new SKUs?


This a common problem, but with a few best practices your team can ensure labels are clear to read and consistently placed across your facility.


Ensure old labels are removed or sufficiently covered before applying new labels. If it’s not possible to remove the preexisting adhesive label, make sure its barcode is obscured, such as with marker or tape, before applying the new label. This avoids a sensitive barcode scanner picking up the label below it or being unable to read the latest barcode. It’s also critical to determine a consistent location on the bin, rack, or shelf to place each label. Doing so makes finding and scanning products easier for your team as they’re moving quickly through the facility.


Global Industrial offers a wide range of labels, printers, and scanners to ensure your materials and inventory are organized and easy to find.


I have an unorganized warehouse and expect to be doing more case picking. What types of solutions do you offer for warehouse organization that leads to quicker picking habits?


Case picking requires more organization upfront, but it can pay off in greater efficiency if your team is frequently fulfilling orders that include the same types of products. Because case picking involves moving cases, boxes, or cartons of material, you’ll need to sufficient heavy-duty shelving and pallet racking to keep like products together. Pallets can help store cases and boxes on pallet racks or keep them off the ground to protect from damage.


Additionally, moving those quantities requires material handling equipment that is robust enough for the job. Ensure you have hand trucks, pallet jacks, and even conveyor systems accessible for workers picking those products.


Our aisles are very narrow and we need to expand our vertical storage to widen the aisles, what types of products or solutions are offered to help us widen the aisles and keep our team safe?


There are many ways to get more out of your existing square footage by growing your storage systems vertically. Configurable shelving and pallet racking systems offer add-on units that allow for additional storage height — though it is highly advisable to check the manufacturer’s specs first to ensure that the height and weight are in line with safety guidelines. High-density storage systems are another way to recapture real estate in your facility; these systems work by condensing inventory into a small footprint and allowing pickers to cycle between pick facings. Finally, mezzanines and platforms turn overhead space in high-ceilinged applications into usable storage areas.


Global Industrial supplies a wide range of storage and shelving products to help you keep up with changes in your business. Connect with our product experts to learn more.




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