Rising to the Occasion: Using Mezzanines to Maximize Space in Distribution Centers


Industrial mezzanines are a wise choice to help maximize space. By adding mezzanines and going up, you tack on another level to your existing space ― arguably one of the most valuable commodities for warehouses and distribution centers. Plus, mezzanines help reduce a costly move to a new location, providing a durable, cost-effective solution for increasing productivity and efficiency in your workplace.



Mezzanine Types


There are three types of mezzanines produced for distribution centers: rack supported, shelving supported, and freestanding. Rack supported mezzanines provide additional storage areas above or between pallet holders. This system allows multiple locations to be designated for loading and unloading pallets concurrently within the structure.


Shelving supported mezzanines are ideal for expanding the storage of smaller items above shelving. The shelving serves as a stand for the mezzanine and is an inexpensive way to expand existing space.


Freestanding mezzanines are flexible types of mezzanines. They require very few changes to the building construction to install and are portable and adjustable to fit any space.



Expanding Square Footage and Increasing Product Storage


Mezzanine floors increase your square footage without extra energy costs, property taxes, or insurance premiums. They can help modernize logistics and improve a distribution center's communications by keeping everything in one location.


The type of mezzanine used will determine the expansion of square footage in the facility. Adding a second and third level mezzanine floor to your facility can double or triple your existing space at a fraction of the cost associated with constructing or leasing a new facility or addition. By expanding mezzanine square footage, you can also add more products to your existing space.



Safety Benefits


Most distribution centers are bustling with activity and safety risks, from products and boxes stacked on top of one another, to employees operating forklifts and climbing up ladders. One way to correct this is to consider adding a mezzanine. A mezzanine offers additional working and storage space, while reducing clutter and clearing aisles for forklifts and other needed equipment.


The bottom line? By installing a mezzanine in your distribution center, you’ll add much-needed vertical space without taking up any additional room on your warehouse or distribution center floor. The best part? Mezzanines offer the flexibility to be moved to another location or facility in the future, if needed, making them a practical, cost-efficient choice for streamlining your team’s overall workflow.


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