Small Business. Big Inspiration.

Inspiration can arrive from anywhere. For Hailey Haddox, it came in the form of a theme park not far from where she grew up in Orange County in Southern California. Raised near Disneyland, Hailey was introduced to imaginary worlds and fairy tales from an early age. Captivated by the larger-than-life characters, Hailey was drawn to the figures and fantasy that shaped her youth. As she grew older, her own imagination and creativity blossomed. Over time, her passion for art and design grew, and she began to develop her artistic talent – diving into everything from sculpture to illustration to product design. Self-taught and self-motivated, she pursued her passion which led to the creation of her own small business founded upon a desire to recreate the characters and concepts discovered in animated films, such as Coraline.  


It wasn’t long after starting her business, that Hailey developed a following for her work. Leveraging social media, particularly Instagram, she began showcasing her work and quickly built a loyal fan base for her creations. Expanding upon her earlier work, Hailey was soon taking commissioned assignments, creating one-of-a-kind keepsakes and collectibles. She is now a licensed maker for LAIKA Studios, spending a good deal of her time designing, creating and bringing to life LAIKA fan favorites. Her website and Instagram page offer limited time offers, and provide her customers product updates highlighting future work. Currently, these are the channels she uses to sell her work online.


Creating a workspace that works for her



As Hailey’s studio has grown, she has discovered that there is more to running a studio than simply creating. Because of her success as a small business owner, Hailey now wears many hats. She is the artist, the accountant, the administration department, director of shipping and the cleaning crew – all at the same time. Thankfully, while searching for organizational equipment for her studio, Hailey discovered Global Industrial.


“My business had grown to the point where I was out of space for my inventory. In fact, there was a time when I was literally working on the floor.” – Hailey Haddox


The organizational items Hailey has purchased from Global Industrial can be found throughout her home which has become integrated with her business. She will tell you that the pieces she utilizes have changed everything. In her main office area, you will find her vertical, clear view storage cabinet. It is used to store all of her shipping supplies, such as bubble wrap, tape, paper and accessories in one place, allowing her to keep everything she needs to send customers their products close by and well organized. This cabinet alone has given Hailey back some very valuable floor space. The desk Hailey purchased is the adjustable workbench which she uses as her prime work surface. With great depth and width, as well as intelligently designed side guard rails, Hailey is able to create while keeping everything within arm’s reach. A third item that Hailey bought to help her with organization is durable 24x14 inch chrome wire shelving that she uses in her photography space to hold equipment.


“Global Industrial products allow me to run my business more efficiently, leaving me more time to create.”




Beyond her purchase experience from the Global Industrial website, Hailey had an opportunity to interact with the support staff. “My customer service experience was very good. And I was surprised and delighted to discover all the women that have meaningful roles within Global Industrial,” she adds. As her home-based business expands, Hailey is considering the next product she will be purchasing to help keep up with her growing inventory and increasing shipping demands, while also making the best use of her home which, as if by magic, just happens to be in Orlando, around the corner from Disney World.


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