Finding a partner. Building a dream.

Sometimes in life, your calling finds you. Born in Atlanta, Johnny Brooke spent much of his life on the Eastern Seaboard. One of his fondest memories growing up was watching episodes of “This Old House” with his dad who was a hobbyist woodworker and introduced Johnny to the concept of craftsmanship at a young age. Eventually, Johnny settled in Asheville, North Carolina, where he worked for a cigar company, handling the brand’s digital marketing. It was the early days of web development and social media marketing and so Johnny had to teach himself how to develop content and promote a brand online.


From inspiration to influencer.


For as long as he can remember, Johnny has been blogging. And after getting into woodworking, he started filming his projects and began publishing them on YouTube under the channel Crafted Workshop. One of his first projects, he recalls, was a set of Adirondack chairs for his home. The channel slowly grew a following and one day, his wife came to him with an idea. Seeing the potential for the YouTube channel and how much Johnny was enjoying building it, his wife encouraged him to quit his day job and pursue Crafted Workshop full time.


Seven years. Countless How-To’s.


Fast forward seven years. Johnny has now created many inspiring how-to educational videos showing residential and commercial builders how to design, build and repair everything from bathroom fixtures to kitchen cabinets to planter boxes. He admits that while there has never really been a formal business plan developed, he knew early on that commission work was not the avenue he wanted to pursue.


“I wanted to have control over my projects and my schedule. My YouTube channel allows me to build and create what I need and then find a market for it.” – Johnny Brooke


As his experience and following grew, Johnny realized that working out of his garage wasn’t going to get him to the point of being able to help other people or inspire them to achieve their goals. So, he moved his operation and video production department into a 4,000 square foot workshop. While the structure had good bones, it didn’t take long to realize he needed some commercial grade equipment to get it up and running. And as it just so happens, we have some. And it was while looking for an industrial dehumidifier that he found Global Industrial, and a partner. “As I shared what I was doing with Global Industrial, it became obvious that we could do something together. We agreed that I would start highlighting their products during my videos and Global Industrial would feature me in their content,” states Johnny.


Since that purchase, Johnny’s shop has grown as has his need for equipment and tools. To easily move large quantities of material and pallets around the shop, he uses Global Industrial’s Pallet Jack Truck. It is essentially a forklift for pallets that Johnny can maneuver in and out of small spaces. He also has a Pallet Rack Starter that stores pallets of plywood. For more storage and safety, Johnny utilizes a Flammable Cabinet to safeguard his paints, finishes, and solvents. To protect himself and others from the dust and fumes his projects create, Johnny has Global Industrial’s portable Tilt Fan Blower. More than ventilation, Johnny finds that it is powerful enough to pull warm air from outside into his shop to help regulate the shop’s climate, which can have a serious effect on his materials. Many of Johnny’s projects require an ability to work from different angles and at various heights. To take his work to the next level, Johnny uses the Power scissor Lift Table. This commercial grade adjustable workbench brings everything to just the height he needs to work properly. Finally, Johnny uses a durable, heavy-duty Utility Cart and large square hook to save steps while moving things from one side of the shop to the other.


More than a retailer of commercial grade equipment, Johnny says he has found Global Industrial to be a true partner, proactively enabling his future success. With Global Industrial, Johnny knows he will have the support and the equipment needed to be able to offer in-studio tutoring, where people stay on-site for a workshop bootcamp. “I’m grateful for Global Industrial. The company understands my challenges and guides me to the products that help my business function better. I couldn’t be happier,” says Johnny.


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