The Ultimate Buying Guide for Shop Desks

Shop desks are essential to smooth operations in busy industrial spaces. Whether your team is shipping, receiving, or preparing inventory, running the manufacturing floor, or on a job site, having paperwork and administrative technology organized and easily accessible is important. A good shop desk can help you do that. When you understand your business needs, you can choose the best shop desk for your company.


Which shop desk type is best for me?


The first decision to make when choosing a shop desk is to determine which form is best for your business and workspace. Let's explore the four main types of shop desks to find the best fit for your team.


Pedestal base


Pedestal shop desks are ideal for applications requiring ample and secure storage in addition to a dedicated workspace, with room for a chair or stool — such as a supervisor’s desk on the warehouse floor. Pedestal shop desks are equipped with compartments as well as lockable drawers and cabinets for storing tools, electronics, office supplies, and other materials required by your business.


Cabinet base


Enclosed cabinet shop desks offer more storage than a pedestal option with a convenient work surface. This makes them a great fit for high-security and high-value use cases, such as docking a computer on the warehouse floor for processing orders. The lockable storage space is ideal for controlling access to valuable equipment and materials.


Open leg base


Free-standing, open leg shop desks are a versatile choice for applications that need less storage than what is offered by pedestal and enclosed cabinet options, without cutting back on the size of the work surface. The open base makes the shop desk easy to clean underneath while leaving space for a chair or stool.




Wall-mounted shop desks give teams an alternative to juggling laptops and binders while away from their desks, such as on the perimeter of a busy shop floor. The low-profile workstation includes secure storage for keeping important documents on hand, and allows supervisors, managers, and business analysts the ability to stay close to the action without getting in the way.




Open leg and cabinet shop desks come with the option to add wheels. Mobile shop desks give your team the power to be nimble and creative with their work areas by bringing a workstation to where it’s required and moving it as needs change. Swivel casters provide 360 degrees of movement for easy relocation.


What size should I choose?


Once you’ve picked the type of shop desk that meets your business’s needs, it’s time to decide on the size. Global Industrial offers an array of shop desk sizes to fit your space.


Small footprint


A small space may require a shop desk with a footprint to match. That doesn’t mean sacrificing on security, storage, and durability, though. Wall-mounted shop desks are ideal for hallways and areas where the floor must be kept clear. Small-format stationary and mobile shop desks in widths ranging from 20” to 24” are also available to fit your business needs.


Large footprint


Large-format shop desks keep efficiency in mind while offering more work and storage space. Whether you have a bigger space or need more room to work, large footprint shop desks can meet your needs with widths ranging from 27” to 60”. 


How can I expand my shop desk functionality?


Type and size aren’t the only shop desk features that stand to make a difference in the ease and quality of your work. These accessories can help supercharge your productivity:


Power knockout grommet


Keep your workspace clear by routing cords from computers and other devices through the power knockout grommet to an outlet.


Storage and organization


Cabinets, drawers, and compartments ensure important paperwork, equipment, and other frequently-used materials are easily accessible and organized.




Store goods safely and securely with cylinder locks and padlockable hasps on drawers and cabinets.


Pegboard risers


Mount tools and display team schedules and announcements on the pegboard riser’s perforated magnetic surface.




Task lighting helps complete administrative tasks correctly in dimly-lit industrial spaces.


Whether your shop desk needs are big or small, mobile or stationary, Global Industrial can supply them. Explore all shop desks and connect with our product experts to find the right shop desk for your business.




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