The Ultimate Workbench Buying Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through considerations to make when choosing a workbench to find one that best meets your business needs.


Define the use case.


Think through a “day in the life” of your business to determine who will be using the workbench and how. For example, if your team is sharing a workbench, consider the functions they perform each day, whether it’s staging items to ship to customers, fabricating products, completing paperwork—or all of the above. Here are some of the factors to consider in order to make the best choice for your needs:




This is one of the most important factors, as you’ll want enough space to have your tools, materials, and products conveniently located so you can work quickly and efficiently. As you shop for workbenches, compare dimensions of different models, taking into account height, width, and depth to ensure the model is the right size for your needs.


Weight Capacity:


A related component is weight capacity, particularly if you work with heavy machinery or materials. As you peruse the specs of the various models, pay attention to the weight capacity to make sure it’s sufficient to provide a safe working environment. A pedestal workbench offers a sturdy base with storage included.




Workbenches come in a variety of surface materials, and how you use your workbench will determine which one is appropriate. For example, a simple, durable laminate or wood workbench would be suitable for packing inventory. Consider a stainless steel top for a laboratory or other situations where sterilization is required. An ESD (electrostatic discharge) surface is ideal for electronics assembly because of its antistatic properties. 




If your work takes place in multiple areas—for example, you fabricate your products in a different area from where you prepare them for shipment—you might want to consider a rolling workbench that can move you and your equipment around your facility. A portable workbench is a good option if you transport your workbench to job sites or prefer to store it out of the way. For ergonomic comfort and safety, consider an adjustable height workbench, which can be lowered to provide more leverage or raised to accommodate standing work. 


Power up.


Keeping technology and equipment nearby is important, but running power cords across your space to an outlet or using a power strip on the floor can pose a safety hazard. Consider adding a power apron to your workbench so you can plug in tools, a laptop, and other equipment needed to get the job done. Free up space on the work surface and keep your computer out of harm's way with a computer/c/electrical/surge_protectors_extension_cords/power_strips_outlet_taps accessory mount.


Illuminate the space.                         


Avoid eye strain (and mistakes) by adding task lighting designed to configure with the workbench. Task lighting can be helpful—whether you’re fabricating or assembling a product, checking SKUs on items for shipping, or reviewing blueprints.


Expand your storage.


Need more room? Integrated storage frees up your workspace for more efficient work. Think through whether you would prefer outfitting your space with one or more of the following: upper or lower shelves, under-desk filing cabinets and drawers, or a pegboard. For extra peace of mind, consider lockable storage to secure papers and expensive materials.


Add more accessories.


Your business is one of a kind, and your workbench can be, too. Make your workbench uniquely yours by adding accessories that promote convenience and efficiency. Flexible solutions include back and end stops that keep your work area contained; mats and liners that reduce static; and bin rails and trays to organize tools and other materials. When you order from Global Industrial, you’ll find accessories configured to work with our workbenches, so you never have to worry about mismatched pieces or components that don’t fit together.


Research, research, research.


A workbench is an investment in your business and can improve your team’s productivity by making your workspace more convenient, efficient, comfortable, and safe.


If you feel overwhelmed by the choices or have questions you’d like to discuss, contact Global Industrial. Our product experts will help you find a workbench configuration that’s ideal for you and your business.




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