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Boardwalk® 1 oz. Siphon Pump For Gallon Bottles, Plastic

Model #: WBB2685813

MPN #: BWK00417EA

Boardwalk® Siphon Pump, 1 oz/Pump for 1 gal Bottles, Plastic, 12" Tube, White

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Boardwalk® Siphon Pump contains a convenient, easy storage plunger that locks down to reduce its height for compact storage. The easy-to-use, siphon pump is great for a variety of applications where it's more convenient to use a hand pump than remove a cap and squeeze out. The reliable pump can be used with soaps, lotions and chemical concentrates. The versatile pump fits multiple adaptors; including 38/400, 89/400, 110/400, 120/400.

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