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Model #: WB423065

MPN #: WAF 03

Western Plastics Vented Stretch Wrap, 100 Gauge, 17"Wx1000'L, Clear - Pkg Qty 4

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The vented airflow pallet wraps are stretch films with die-cut holes for ventilation. They are a proven alternative that services the agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing industries and meet many other industry challenges. They permit condensation to leave the pallet, thus protecting the packaged goods and other packaging materials (labels, printed display cartons). The film wraps allow even cooling with die-cut holes that enable products to cool evenly and remain at the same temperature throughout the pallet. The vent holes allow the product to cool faster, which reduces cooling costs. They can reduce spoilage compared to regular stretch films that block cool air from entering the pallet and keeping humidity from escaping, causing an internal heat build-up to result in spoilage during storage and transit. They enable waste reduction with the unique design, recyclability, and film weight that establish them as a viable source reduction solver. These film wraps are recyclable and require less landfill space. They are usable as a freezer film as these wraps have a vented airflow design that does not have a flash freeze breaking point. Due to their chemical composition, the wraps will hold up in all cold storage and freezing applications.

  • Elasticity - 70% (30% - 45% additional stretch can be profited by the user)
  • Breaking strength - 35kg
  • Load capacity - 2k-3k per pallet
  • LLDPE octane film composition (Also available with UVI additives)
  • Sold 4 rolls per case

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