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9"W with 3/4" I.D. Vinyl Dipped SS Multi-Ring Tool Holder for Stainless Steel LocBoard

Model #: WBB2346418

MPN #: V66661

Triton Products 9"W w/ 3/4" I.D. Vinyl Dipped SS MultiRing Tool Holder for Stainless Steel LocBoard

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9"W with 3/4" I.D. Vinyl Dipped SS Multi-Ring Tool Holder for Stainless Steel LocBoard. Having clean, easily accessible and versatile storage and organizational solutions is an issue that every business encounters. The food and healthcare industries must meet stringent requirements and the stainless steel pegboard storage from Triton Products provides the ideal answer. Two innovative best-selling products, the LocBoard and the LocHook, are now available in stainless steel. They provide a commercial grade heavy-duty pegboard and hooks system. The LocHook is an innovative pegboard hook which can be mounted in any direction and is rugged enough to support just about anything. Together, the LocBoard and LocHook will provide the perfect stainless steel pegboard solution. Imagine a clean, well-kept kitchen with every pan, ladle, knife and utensil conveniently hanging and within grasp at all times. Imagine every medical supply in a hospital being easily accessible at a moment's notice. That is the power of the stainless steel pegboard system from Triton Products. The Vinyl Dip keeps tools and instruments from being scratched while being removed from the hook.

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