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Bird-X Heavy Duty Bird Netting, 25' x 25'

Model #: WBB3092107

MPN #: NET-PE-25-25

Bird-X Heavy Duty Bird Netting, 25' x 25'

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The highest grade premium bird netting, 3/4" Polyethylene Netting creates a physical barrier that blocks birds from entering. Exclude birds and other pests out of desired areas permanently. Heavy duty bird netting is strong enough to stand up to large animals including deer, coyotes, and dogs. Stop birds from perching, roosting and nesting in areas where they are unwanted, or from eating fruit or crops. Premium bird net is ideal for commercial settings.

Bird-X premium bird netting is 100% effective at excluding pest birds from the treated area – great for zero-tolerance zones. Available in multiple sizes for all types of locations. No matter the area, you can stop birds from entering with this effective physical barrier. When installed properly, bird netting is barely visible from a distance.

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