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CDN Stick-m Ups Thermometers

CDN Stick-m Ups Thermometers

Item #: WBB230551


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CDN Stick-m Ups Thermometers

This CDN AT120 Stick'm Ups Thermometer is made of ABS plastic and features a shatterproof polycarbonate lens. The thermometer can be mounted with either of the included adhesive disc or magnet. Temperature range is -40 to +120°F/-40 to +50°C. White Finish.

Weights & Dimensions

  • Depth 2 in
  • Width 2 in
  • Diameter 2 in
  • Height 2 in

Product Details

  • Description Stick’M Ups™ Thermometers, Polycarbonate Lens

  • Package Quantity 12
  • Brand CDN
  • Warranty 5 yr
  • Material Stainless Steel - ABS Plastic
  • Max Temperature 120 °c
  • Manufacturers Part Number AT120
  • Recalibratable No
  • Color Family Assorted
  • Min Temperature -40 °c
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  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: July 29, 2011

    Great for many applications
    Your review:
    If you're looking for a very small thermometer to install virtually anywhere, these 2" diameter thermometers are perfect for the application. Each unit is a case of 12 thermometers (4 of each color: red, white and black). Out of the whole unit, 1 or 2 of the thermometers may be out of calibration, so it is recommended that you place all 12 in a controlled environment to verify the accuracy of each. The reason I purchased these thermometers was their shatterproof qualities. As the food safety coordinator of the largest operation in our class, I highly recommend these as they can be installed anywhere (double stick tape or magnet [both included]) and are within the food safety parameters of our auditing service. At the price these thermometers are being sold, the purchase is a 'no-brainer.'
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CDN Stick-m Ups Thermometers

CDN Stick-m Ups Thermometers

Item #: WBB230551

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