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DuraHook 64 Pieces Assortment

DuraHook 64 Pieces Assortment

Item #: WB796999


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The DuraHook 64 piece hook and hanging bin assortment kit contains the first double locking pegboard hooks with new and useful styles including spring clips, extended spring clips, double loop hooks and BinClips to mount plastic hanging bins on pegboard.

DuraHooks "stay put" on the pegboard when removing or returning an item to the hook.
Included in the kit are 60 assorted hooks and 4 plastic hanging bins.
Hook styles are: (12) 1"single rod, 30º bend; (8) 2-1/2" single rod, 30º bend; (8) pliers/wrench holder; (2) 2- 3/4" double rod, 80ºbend; (8) extended spring clip; (4) standard spring clip; (6) single ring tool holder; (8) curved hook; (4)BinClip; and (4) plastic hanging bins.
Stay organized with confidence. DuraHook double locking pegboard hooks keep your items in place on a pegboard; it takes seconds to change the positioning of the hooks and there is never any damage to your pegboard.
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  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: June 28, 2013

    DuraHook not as Durable as should be
    Your review:
    Purchased this set with excitement but it quickly turned to despair when the screws pulled from the 1/4 in pegboard. If there is substantial weight put on these clips they pull from the pegboard as the screws are holding from the top. When the clip is placed upside down and the screw is on the bottom it's AWESOME. I'm really disappointed as I was excited about these clips. Now I can't justify buying the product again because the regular clips hold more pressure. Reverse the screw location to the bottom and the product will be Fantastic and earn a 5 star rating.
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DuraHook 64 Pieces Assortment

DuraHook 64 Pieces Assortment

Item #: WB796999

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