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Tripp Lite INTERNET600U 600VA Standby UPS Compact Low Profile 8 Outlets w/ USB Port

Tripp Lite INTERNET600U 600VA Standby UPS Compact Low Profile 8 Outlets w/ USB Port

Item #: WBB226292


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600VA Standby UPS Compact Low Profile 8 Outlets w/ USB Port

Ultra-compact standby UPS with built-in USB monitoring port protects PCs, network workstations and other systems reliant upon a USB interface for UPS monitoring and unattended system shutdown. Maintains AC output during blackouts and brownouts starting at 99V. Includes USB monitoring port with cabling, TEL/DSL line surge suppression, surge-only outlets and LED indicators. PowerAlert software available free via download.

Product Specifications

  • WATTS300
  • OUTLET TYPE4 UPS Outlets, 4 Surge-only Outlets
  • COLORBlack
  • BRANDTripp Lite
  • DEPTH INCHES5-11/16
  • WIDTH INCHES10-13/16
  • NEMA5-15R
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  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: August 18, 2020

    Your review:
    the one I purchased lasted one day and died, contacted support and they are replacing, great product support.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: June 04, 2020

    I like this product.
    Your review:
    I've got it attached to my TV. We have numerous short power interruptions and this not only protects the TV, it keeps it on during the short power interruptions. I'm going to get one for my WIFI & router.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: April 07, 2020

    I would purchase this device again, if needed.
    Your review:
    I purchased this device to keep a desktop computer we use for Audio Mixing, and general Internet use. I have owned Tripp-Lite backups for many years and they have been excellent products. I would recommend this product to anyone else.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 26, 2020

    Small size...Big protection.
    Your review:
    Protects my desktop and printer from lightning strikes. Really appreciate the smaller (than my last rig) size, with the same protection.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: August 01, 2019

    I'm covered the next time the power drops.
    Your review:
    When my power is out, I lose my WI-FI and Magic Jack phone so I have them plugged into my new USB. Then I will still be in business till I get the generator started. The power hasn't gone out since I got it set up so we'll see how it works the next time the power drops.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: July 30, 2019

    still waiting
    Your review:
    I am waiting for election to wire a only out.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: July 21, 2019

    I would buy this battery back up again.
    Your review:
    Definitely a good value for a 600VA unit. Enough battery outlets to back up my modem, router, and printer. I like the self test feature.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: July 08, 2019

    I wanted this to work. Sorry Tripp Lite. Very mediocre.
    Your review:
    Software is very difficult to install, I gave up on trying. After a full charge, a brief power interruption (a blip, less than a second) had my computer reset because the UPS would not hold it up. Oh, it powered back on (on battery), but the UPS didn't react quickly enough to keep it from rebooting. I've moved it to simply protecting my router/modem/VOIP and it seems to be doing well. Annoying that you cannot turn orr the alarm. I plan on physically trying to remove it.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: July 06, 2019

    battery back up works great
    Your review:
    I live in the country where the electrical power is off and on for a few seconds every week. Got this unit for battery back up. which helps the printer and directv receivers from resetting itself when power goes off. works very good.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: June 07, 2019

    New user!
    Your review:
    This is my first purchase of a Tripplite product. I installed the unit for service of my home entertainment system. We experience short and occasional power interruptions. These outages are sufficient to knock my system off, requiring reset. The backup this unit replaces failed due age.
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Tripp Lite INTERNET600U 600VA Standby UPS Compact Low Profile 8 Outlets w/ USB Port

Tripp Lite INTERNET600U 600VA Standby UPS Compact Low Profile 8 Outlets w/ USB Port

Item #: WBB226292

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