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Electrix 6000 Portable Halogen Desk Lamp, 25" Reach, MR-16, 120V, 20W

Electrix 6000 Portable Halogen Desk Lamp, 25" Reach, MR-16, 120V, 20W

Item #: WBB1879062


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Electrix 6000 Portable Halogen Desk Lamp, 25" Reach, MR-16, 120V, 20W

MR-16 Halogen 25" Reach Portable Desk Lamp.

Product Specifications

  • BRANDElectrix
  • VOLTAGE120
  • LUMENS220
  • WEIGHT LBS6.25
  • BASE TYPEWeighted Base
  • WARRANTY3 Year
  • BULB TYPEHalogen
  • TYPEHalogen Desk Light
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  • Reviewer: Nancy

    Date: October 23, 2020

    Your review:
    This lamp Electrix 6000 Portable Halogen Desk Lamp, 25" Reach, MR-16, 120V, 20W is a perfect desk lamp for me. I need a bright light to read by. This lamp has a heavily weighted base so it is very difficult to tip. It is very well made and sturdy.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: December 31, 2017

    Heavy duty desk lamp
    Your review:
    I purchased two of these lamps from Global Industrial. I purchased these heavy duty lamps. I immediately replaced the halogen bulbs with a EURI 25W or 50W LED cool white (5000K) bulb. You have to leave the glass shield off in order to do this. Now it is an outstanding lamp. The base has a protective rubber ring on it along with a strong on/off switch. Very modern and industrial look to these lamps.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: October 24, 2017

    Not durable
    Your review:
    Worked for about 2-3 rolls of tape, then printed way to light, even with contrast maxed out. Cleaning, new batteries, new tape made no difference. Too bad we did not contact customer support until it is out of warranty. Expected much more for almost $400, especially since our cheap homeowner grade Dymo labelers are still going strong years later. Probably will not buy another Industrial grade Dymo product, waste of time and money. The 20% discount offered on a replacement is better than nothing, but I have lost trust in the brand.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: April 12, 2016

    Lots of great features, mechanical issues
    Your review:
    I've had two of these units, the first one lasted for about 8 months and then the cutter jammed and would not recover. Sent it in for warranty, got a replacement in about two weeks. Had the replacement for 5 months and the cutter jammed (again, so now I'm out all the money I spent on tape cartridges. Purchased a similar competitors model (manual cutter) and find it works more consistently. I need a unit that I can rely on for my day to day work in complex communications sites. If Dymo would make a Rhino 6000 with a manual cutter (I need the 1" tape size) I would certainly get another one but the motorized cutter cannot be relied on.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: April 09, 2015

    Faulty equipment
    Your review:
    Bought two. Only lasted one year. Both cutters broke.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: October 10, 2014

    It works, when it works...
    Your review:
    I'm a low-voltage custom installer and have gone through two of these 6000's at a rate of about one per year. The cutter screws up, or doesn't feed properly. I wish they would make one at a higher price point that would be more reliable. Also, everyone knows an "asdf" keyboard would be faster.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: December 05, 2013

    Does not perform as advertised
    Your review:
    We purchased a Rhino 6000 kit in order to label the networking components for a new residential building. The unit was tested prior to use, and once on mains power, was found to compentantly print legible labels on self-laminating tapes. However, once the unit was brought to the site, where mains power was not available, it was found to not perform as advertised - reliably printing labels on-site. The labeller must remain on mains power in order to print clear labels, something which was not possible at the time. We would not recommend this item to others.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: March 02, 2010

    Good and Bad
    Your review:
    This product is almost there they have a bunch of versitle lables and shrink wrap, this is teriffic. I got this to replace my brother p-touch but it can't quite do that. Dymo has a better varity of lables but not much in clear. Also there lables don't hold up as well meaning that on the shrink wrap the lettering has come off several high ware areas and is sentive to heat it seems to melt the inc. My brother I would print the lable and shrinkwrap clear over it I figured the dymo would save a step. But printing only on one side, no trext wraping and durability issues this is not realy cutting it. Also the printing is not easy, it usally takes me two or three lables to get it right, what I wast. It will not print small, you can't read it basically the letters do not print, this is a real bummer. Also I want to use the entire with of the tape and in most cases can't I have to Fool the machine by telling it you have a wider tape in it and guessing at the font size to fill the tape. I think they do this because if you buy for example 1/2" tapes they are not quite 1/2" all the time. They vary up to about 1/8" +-. Overall the machine is well built but not the product I had hoped for.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 25, 2009

    easy to use
    Your review:
    The labeler is good, but the software will not run on Vista x64. Also, it is near impossible to contact Technical Support at Dymo, and when you manage to, they are indifferent and arrogant.
  • Reviewer: Anonymous

    Date: January 01, 2009

    Great features, but one FATAL FLAW
    Your review:
    On the surface this seemed like the perfect label maker. For quite a while I was looking for an excuse to buy one. After putting up with the cutter errors on my existing printer, I decided to buy one for a larger job. It lived up to all the hype with quick formatting of labels and general ease of use. Unfortunately it's not possible to print fixed-length labels without doing some manual trimming with scissors. This applies to almost every label format. For example, when printing panel labels, labeling 2 ports per label, if you're labeling 200 ports, that's 100 labels you have to manually trim with scissors. With my old printer, it would pause and cut in the appropriate place between labels. The Rhino printers leave a leader at EVERRY CUT that you must trim manually. This is not user error either, as I confirmed with tech support, as well as their engineering department (via a trade show rep) that this is in fact how the printers work. I would definitely NOT buy another one.
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Electrix 6000 Portable Halogen Desk Lamp, 25" Reach, MR-16, 120V, 20W

Electrix 6000 Portable Halogen Desk Lamp, 25" Reach, MR-16, 120V, 20W

Item #: WBB1879062

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