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Saf-Check™, Chlorine Measure

Saf-Check™, Chlorine Measure

Item #: WBB378753

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Saf-Check™ is the first all-in-one system that keeps your thermometer and sanitizer test strips together and handy for easier, more frequent temperature and sanitizer strength checks. Improves food safety practices and makes it easier to train employees to properly monitor temperature and sanitizing pails to help prevent foodborne illness. One Saf-Check™ system includes: (1) Saf-Check™, (1) replaceable 15ft test strip roll, (1) detachable carabiner & pocket clip. Units are available with or without a standard 0-220ºF (-18-104ºC) bimetallic thermometer.

  • Holds virtually any stem thermometer - standard or digital.
  • Integrated pocket clip and detachable carabiner make storage easy and keep Saf-Check™ handy.
  • Easy to operate thumbwheel turns to dispense replaceable 15ft roll of Chlorine or Quaternary test strips.
  • Refillable roll cartridge rotects roll from chemicals or splashing.
  • Integrated bimetallic thermometer calibration tool ensures proper temperature readings. Two sizes (front/back) accommodate leading thermometer brands.
  • Innovative Smart Scale™ makes reading test strip results easy: GREEN = safe; RED = change solution

Product Specifications

  • BRANDSan Jamar®
  • TYPEChlorine Measure
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Saf-Check™, Chlorine Measure

Saf-Check™, Chlorine Measure

Item #: WBB378753

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