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IronGuard Forklift Battery PPE Protective Handling Kit 70-1170

Model #: WB987191

MPN #: 70-1170


Ideal Warehouse Forklift Battery PPE Protective Handling Kit 70-1170

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Protect your Worker's Health and Safety by Reducing Workplace Hazards.

OSHA regulations state that all personnel wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing forklift battery replacement or maintenance. Forklift batteries contain the hazardous material sulfuric acid and MSDS regulations require personnel to wear specific PPE.

This kit comes complete with everything you need to stay compliant and safe:
· Neoprene Safety Handling Gloves
· Safety Goggles for Eye Protection
· Safety Shield for Face Protection
· Apron
· Flashlight
· Battery Hydrometer
· Convenient Mounting Board

This complete forklift battery handling personal protective safety equipment kit mounts conveniently on any wall so that everything is within easy reach.


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