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Goodyear Coin-Pattern Rubber Floor Mat 3.5mm Thick 3' x 10' Black

Model #: WBB2812276

MPN #: 03-273-36-BK-10

Goodyear Coin-Pattern Rubber Flooring -- 3.5mm x 36" x 10ft - Black

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The Goodyear® Rubber Coin-Top Flooring is a durable, anti-slip rubber floor made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The waterproof flooring features a Coin-Top surface pattern of circular, stud-like protrusions that are designed to improve slip-resistance and create a clean, professional aesthetic. The circular studs of this non-slip surfacing act as miniature stepping stones, enhancing traction by providing shoes with additional gripping points. Coin pattern flooring also creates a sleek, modern aesthetic that is perfectly fitting for a range of commercial establishments, from auto-repair shops to restaurants and hospitals. Such locations also favor this TPE rubber flooring for its non-permeable surface and moderate resistance to chemicals. Most mild chemicals and cleaning solutions will have no damaging effect on this coin rubber floor, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to thermoplastic rubber's competitive abrasion and moisture resistances, this coin flooring performs exceptionally well in applications that experience frequent spills and constant foot traffic. The Goodyear® Rubber Coin-Top floors are available in 3 colors – Black, Brown, and Gray – to match virtually any aesthetic theme. The coin pattern rubber floor is also available in 6 different factory-cut lengths to ensure a proper fit for any application. Designed for DIY installations, this slip-resistant floor is held down by its own weight for adhesive-free temporary installations. Double-sided carpet tape can be used for more permanent installations. If you'd like even more security in your installation, you can consult a product specialist about using a stronger, polyurethane-based adhesive.

  • For use in wet or dry areas
  • TPE Rubber Surface/Backing
  • 3.5mm Thick
  • Textured surface adds traction and reduces the risk of slip hazards

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