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Dustless 25' Ft Hose w/Coupler - 14291

Dustless 25' Ft Hose w/Coupler - 14291

Item #: WB261806

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Dustless® 25' Ft Hose w/Coupler 14291

Hose is 25' ft long with cuffs to help it connect with the HEPA 16 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum and the Dustless Vac 16 Gallon Wet/Dry w/12' Hose. Easy portability and it can still get in small places. Strips of conductive material. Hose and Cuff conductivity is less than 10 to the 6th ohms. Crushproof hose withstands jobsite abuse. Cuffs are removable and various sizes are available to fit different tools. Hose is sturdy enough to not kink, but flexible enough to not get in your way. Long hose makes it easy to keep the vacuum in a separate area. Bright yellow hose is highly visible.

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  • BRANDDustless Technologies
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  • Hello, I call early and still waiting for somebody to call me back. Question, I only need the 2 black ends for this house, I need like 12 units, (End cuff house) for this coupler 14291, please let me know, email me or call my office. Thank you

    Question Asked By: Xavier , August 10, 2016

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    • anonymous

      Hello, Yes, the cuffs can be special ordered by calling our sales department. Thank you for your interest in our product!

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Dustless 25' Ft Hose w/Coupler - 14291

Dustless 25' Ft Hose w/Coupler - 14291

Item #: WB261806

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