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Springer Controls / Texelco LA-3215 70mm Stack Light, Strobe, 120V AC/DC Xenon BULB - Red

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Springer Controls / Texelco LA-32-15 70mm Stack Light, Strobe, 120V AC/DC Xenon BULB - Red

Texelco modular stack lights by Springer Controls stack up to 7 units high. The amount of different signaling options that can be achieved set this lighting system apart. With gentle pressure and a twist a user can configure the ideal signaling stack to meet very specific needs. Global Industrial has a variety of complete Texelco lighting systems with ultra-bright LEDs.

These 70mm modular stack lights are available in red, amber, yellow, green, blue, and clear. A variety of lamp options include filament bulbs, LED bulbs, ultra-bright LED bulbs (9 diode or 36 diode), and xenon bulbs (strobe.) Visual signals can be accomplished with steady, flashing, rotating, or strobe light patterns.

Texelco stacks can also be configured with audio units featuring 100 decibels output. The audio units can broadcast continuous or pulsing alarms with frequency ranging from 600-3000 Hz.

Two-function and three-function units are available from Global Industrial. The two-function unit can be configured (shift jumper) to flash or shine continuously. The three-function unit can be configured with flashing, continuous, or rotating patterns. Both of the multifunctional units include ultra-bright LEDs.

A complete stack can be mounted in almost any location. A number of different mounting solutions are available from Global Industrial. The most common fitting used is a simple conduit atop a panel enclosure. Some of the various mounting solutions include wall-mounting, pedestal, lifting extensions eg.

Texelco Stack Lights carry an environmental rating IP 64. An IP 64 rating means that a properly assembled and installed stack will be dust tight (highest) and will withstand splashing water from any direction with minimum ingress. These devices will function properly in all but the most extreme outdoor conditions.

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