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NEMA 4X Enclosed Motor Starter, 9A, 1PH,  Remote Start, Start/Stop, 100-250V, 2.3-3.1A

Model #: WBB3119373

MPN #: AF0916P4G-3B

NEMA 4X Enclosed Motor Starter, 9A, 1PH, Remote Start, Start/Stop, 100-250V, 2.3-3.1A

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Springer controls manufactures a complete line of IEC enclosed AC motor starters up to 60HP or 80A. Assembled motor starters consist of a contactor, overload relay and a NEMA 4X rated polycarbonate enclosure. To select the proper starter for your requirements:

1) Refer to the motor or equipment nameplate to verify the Full Load Amperage (FLA) at the input voltage you will supply. Be sure to confirm whether it is 1phase or 3phase power to the motor. Choose a starter rated for current (Amps) higher than the FLA of your motor.

2) Choose the control power used to close the contactor.

3) Choose the overload by selecting a current range that contains the FLA of the motor from step 1. Once you have done this it should narrow down the starters to only options suitable for your motor and power requirements. Then select your starter based on the following optional criteria:

4) Incoming power:

If the line power will be used as the control power as well, this is referred to as a "direct-online starter":

If the control voltage is not the same as the line voltage we refer to this as "separate control voltage":

If the starter needs to be activated from an external switch, we add terminals to accept the control power input from that switch. We refer to this as "remote start terminals" It is assumed, in this arrangement that the line voltage and control voltage are the sameIf you would like remote start terminals and will be using different voltage for line power and control power, we refer to this as "separate control voltage + remote start terminals"


  • 9A
  • 1 Phase
  • Separate Coil Voltage + Remote Start Terminals
  • Start/Stop
  • 100-250V AC/DC Coil
  • 2.3-3.1A O/L
  • NEMA 4X Poly
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