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Plastic Air Brake Glad Hand Lock, Keyed Different

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Plastic Air Brake Glad Hand Lock - Keyed Different

Air Brake Glad Hand Lock Helps Prevent Unscheduled Departures from your Dock Bay.

Glad hand lock is the perfect device to "dead-line" a trailer, offering a simple way to prevent a trailer from being moved while being loaded or unloaded. This semi-trailer lockout device acts as a harness around the air intake valve of the emergency brake system. The trailer is immobilized because the gladhand lock must be removed before the air line can be connected, thereby releasing the trailer emergency brake. Lock can be installed and removed in seconds. Cylinder lock prevents removal without the key and dock supervisors can assign keys to loads to certify that the proper driver is taking the correct load.

Molded Plastic Glad Hand Lock is for high-volume docks and Keyed Different for individual trailer security.

NOTE: Maximum Key Differential is Limited to 60 Individual Keys. Please call our customer service to specify a key number if desired. If no key number is selected, then the keyed alike number will be randomly selected.

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