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Vestil Plastic Pail Lid Press / Closer PLC-P-FM

Model #: WB987172



Plastic Pail Lid Press / Closer PLC-P-FM

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Easily Close Lids on Plastic Pails

This device allows you to press lids onto plastic pails quickly and safely. The 16"W x 16"D adjustable height table allows the press to work with buckets up to 7 gallon capacity that range in height from 6" to 22". A 39"L lever arm provides 14:1 compression advantage for maximum closing force (50 lbs. of force on the handle applies 700 lbs. on the pail) and features a counterweight to return the arm to the start position after use. A 16" compression plate works with 10" square pails / lids, and the bottom of compression plate is fitted with an adjustable burp plunger that forces air out of the pail while closing the lid. The base of the frame is predrilled to allow easy lagging to the floor. All steel construction features a durable powder coat finish. Bench mount and stainless steel units are available upon request.

Note: not designed to close UN-rated plastic pails and covers.

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