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Purell Touch Free Soap Dispenser - ES8 White 1200mL - 7730-01

Model #: WB641381

MPN #: 7730-01


PURELL® ES8 Soap Dispenser - 7730-01

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The PURELL ES8 system is designed for facilities where image or infection control programs are important. The Touch-Free Hand Soap Dispenser eliminates battery replacements with energy-on-the-refill technology. Optional SMARTLINK modules add capability for service alerts, compliance monitoring, and other upgrades as technology evolves. The dispenser complements decor, and the AT-A-GLANCE refill design provides an easy way to see when refills need to be changed. When people see the PURELL brand, it sends a clear signal you care about cleanliness and well-being. In a survey, 79 percent of people said seeing PURELL products makes them feel better about the facility's cleanliness.

The PURELL ES8 Dispenser works with PURELL HEALTHY SOAP foam soap. Each 1200 mL refill holds up to 1,330 uses, which minimizes change outs. Refills are SANITARY SEALED with a fresh dispensing valve to lock out germs. PURELL self-lathering foam soap washes away dirt and germs without unnecessary ingredients that irritate skin. Plus, PURELL foam soap rinses cleaner than liquid soap without leaving drips and messes in the sink, reducing the time to clean sink areas. Case Includes: 1- PURELL ES8 Touch-Free Soap Dispenser in White.

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