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ITEM #: WB585340

Global Industrial™ PVC Strip Roll - Scratch Resistant Low Temperature USDA - 8" x 150' x .072"

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Global Industrial™ PVC Strip Door Bulk Roll - Scratch Resistant Low Temperature USDA

Create or Repair PVC Strip Doors using our Bulk Rolls

PVC Bulk Roll material is ribbed on both sides to help reduce scratches and abrasions to the strips making it ideal for heavy traffic applications. UV stabilized material retains clarity for lasting visibility and increased service life. Overlapping strips interlock for a more energy efficient enclosure. Easy to install; simply cut to length, punch hole and mount. (Hardware not included.) Fire-resistant, as well as self-extinguishing, and registered as such by the California state Fire Marshal's office.

In cooler and freezer applications where traffic is heavier or an even tighter seal is required, Low Temperature Ribbed Bulk Roll PVC is an ideal solution. The raised ribs can come into contact with forklift and pallet jack traffic without compromising the clarity of the door. The ribs also create pockets of air that provide additional insulation. All Low Temperature Bulk Roll strips are approved for incidental contact with food and, therefore, are perfect for coolers and freezers. Low Temperature Ribbed PVC can be used in coolers and freezers where temperatures range from -20°F to 140°F. The strips can also be used in outdoor applications where temperatures are consistently near freezing.

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