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Quick Dam Flood Barrier 5ft 4/Handle Bag

Model #: WBB3091692

MPN #: QD65-4

Quick Dam Flood Barrier 5ft 4/Handle Bag

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  • A 5-ft Quick Dam Water Activated Sandless Flood Barriers that absorbd, contains & diverts problem flood waters. Rated #1 in Flood Control
  • These sandless sandbags are water-activated and self-inflating, inner absorbent turns to gel to create a barrier. Absorbs water and rises to 3.5-in high in just 10 minutes!
  • Keep these Quick Dam Flood Barriers on hand for quick and easy use and be prepared for flooding, leaking and water damage indoors and outside! Flood Barriers unused, have a 5+ year shelf life.
  • Quick Dam reusable Flood Barriers are Environmentally-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, Nontoxic, Nonhazardous and last for months.
  • Protects against Storm Surges, Rainwater, Water Main Breaks, Overflowing Appliances and Equipment, Spills, Leaks, Floods, Drips & More! Perfect for Garage, Basement, Driveway, Kitchen and anywhere water could cause damage.
  • Compact, lightweight, and quick and easy to deploy. A great alternative to traditional sand bags, with no sand or labor needed!
  • Barriers have a dual chamber, place wider edge towards water & smaller wedge away from water to prevent rolling out of position
  • NOT for use with salt water, lime or calcium- causes chemical reaction that deflates bag.
  • Lasts for months, eventually degrading over time
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