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ITEM #: WBM1454316

MPN #: 03_101_WAB_409

Rubber-Cal "Recycled Flooring" 1/4 in. x 4 ft. x 9 ft. - Black Rubber Mats

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    Recycled Rubber Flooring Mat is available in 2 gauges: a 1/4-inch thick and a 3/8-inch thick and is perfect for a variety of applications that require a reasonably priced product. Being that this material is made of 100% recycled rubber, this mat is an ecologically responsible product. These recycled rubber floors are excellent for either indoor or outdoor applications due the high contents of EPDM (i.e. a UV/Ozone resistant elastomer) found in tires. Recycled rubber floors are a superior material when trying to reduce noise, contain vibration, and absorb shock from workout equipment. This product is specifically manufactured for durability and is designed for either residential or commercial applications that are exposed to heavy foot traffic. This black rubber mat can be used as a workout mat, flooring for home gym, patio mats, as a garage mat, flooring in basement game rooms, or even livestock trailer flooring. Each mat is fabricated from thousands of rubber granules and offers superior underfoot comfort and support along with the resilience to cushion the shock of running, exercising, walking and standing. One of the biggest concerns commonly associated with rubber matting is the installation. The Recycled Rubber Flooring weighs roughly 50lbs. in a 4ft x 10ft roll and generally stays down under its own weight; therefore there is no need for permanent adhesives. In order to keep the edges and entry points from being a trip hazard, double-sided carpet tape can be used for a uniform and level installation. Recycled Rolled Rubber Mat matting is available in 8 different lengths allowing you to dimensionally match almost any room to help create a safe and warm environment to inhabit.
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