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Sellstrom® S80210 Odyssey II Shade 5 Cutting Goggle, Pkg of 12

Model #: WBB2347973

MPN #: S80210

Sellstrom® S80210 Odyssey II Shade 5 Cutting Goggle, Pkg of 12

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  • Comfort: Odyssey II premium shade 5 UV/IR goggle is made with super soft, flexible plastic that conforms to the face for a snug seal and all-day comfort
  • Lenses: includes a high temperature shade 5 polycarbonate green lens that protects the users eyes from damaging infrared and ultraviolet rays - hard coated to help prevent scratching
  • Venting: indirect vents on the top and bottom allow airflow to help prevent fogging along with preventing direct contact with chemicals, dust and or debris
  • Multi-Purpose: fits over most prescription eyewear, includes a flame resistant cloth head band with easy adjustability - can be used in a wide variety of industrial or do-it-yourself applications
  • OSHA Compliant: meets ANSI Z87.1 + high impact - 2015


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