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EMAX Silent Air Silencer Kit for 5-10HP with Fittings and Hoses

Model #: WBB2811240


EMAX Silent Air Silencer Kit for 5-10HP with Fittings and Hoses

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Available on or around 03/23/2023
Affordable Solution To Piston Compressor Noise. Tested to lower dBA on stationary compressors by as much as 25%. Patent Pending system sounds 50% quieter to the human ear. Installs In Minutes. Eliminates expensive compressor isolation areas. Provides peace & quiet in the work environment at low cost. Works With Global Industrial and Emax Stationary Compressor In Any Environment. Installs in any garage, farm, shop or industrial application. Filters The Intake Air. Helps improve the longevity of your pump. Traps & Dissipates Piston Intake Noise. Air channels through a series of baffle plates & pre-filter media. Mounts Next To The Compressor. Requires 20" deep x 10" wide x 20" high installation space. Plumb intake air hoses from compressor head(s) to Silencer. Mounting area must be able to support 65 pounds plus hoses. Fitting Kit Included. Designed for 2 piston compressors. Includes 1", 1/2", and 3/4" fittings for any compress. 4 year warranty.

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