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Carlisle 10621C09 - StorPlus™ 8.5 Gallon Box, 26" x 18" x 6", Green

Carlisle 10621C09 - StorPlus™ 8.5 Gallon Box, 26" x 18" x 6", Green

Item #: WBB1189359

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Carlisle StorPlus™ 8.5 Gal. Box, 26" x 18" x 6", Green, 10621C09

  • Reinforced Top And Bottom Corners On Both Box And Lid, Help Prevent Chipping And Cracking
  • Easy-Grip Handles Have Structural Rib Reinforcement To Provide Extra Support For Heavy Loads
  • Dishwasher Safe; NSF Listed
  • 12" X 18" Box Has Side Capacity Indicators For Quick Inventory Checks; Perfect For "Prepping" And "Portioning" Of Foods
  • Quart, Gallon, And Liter Capacity Indicators (On 12" X 18" Box) Offer Portion Control For Both Domestic And International Use
  • StorPlus™ Boxes And Lids' Date Indicator Helps Promote Organized Food Storage, Makes Inventory Checks Quick And Easy
  • All Sizes Stack For Easy, Efficient Storage; Fit Standard Carts And Racks
  • Smooth Interior Surface Makes Cleaning Easy
  • Use Everyday To Organize And Inventory Kitchen Supplies And Equipment
  • Stacks With Other Boxes On The Market
  • Use In Catering For Storage And Transporting Of Foods, Beverages, Linens, And Supplies
  • Serve And Display Ice And Iced Beverages
  • Boxes Double As Dough Proofing Bus Boxes, Warewashing Tubs For Kitchen Overflow, Or Remote Locations
  • "Lock-Tight" Lids Can Be Reversed And Used As Bun Pan Or Tray
  • 18" X 26" Colander Is Ideal For Storing, Draining, Thawing, And Marinating Foods; Keeps Lettuce Crisp, Thaws And Drains Fish On Ice, Marinates Chicken, Etc.
  • Colander Fits 18" X 26" X 6" Or Deeper Boxes
  • Prevent Cross-Contamination With Color-Coded StorPlus™ Food Storage Boxes &Amp; Lids
  • RimGlow™ Technology Gives The Boxes And Lids A Distinct Color To Segregate Them By Usage, Yet Also Provides Crystal Clarity For Identifying Contents At A Glance
  • Color-Coded StorPlus™ Boxes Use The Carlisle Spectrum® Identification System So They Can Be Easily Integrated To Your Existing Zone Isolation Program
  • Use Red (05) For Raw Meat, Blue (14) For Fish, Green (09) For Produce, Yellow (22) For Poultry, And Clear (07) For Dairy And Cooked Foods As Part Of A Complete Haccp Program
  • Follow Servsafe® Recommended Stacking Order Of: Clear For Cooked Foods And Dairy Products On Top Shelves, Followed By Green Boxes For Fresh Fruits And Vegetables; Blue For Raw Fish And Seafood; Red Boxes For Storing Raw Meats, With Yellow Boxes For Raw P

  • BRAND Carlisle
  • DESCRIPTION StorPlus™ Storage Container - 8.5 Gallon 26 in x 18 in x 6 in - Green
  • CAPACITY 8.5 Gal.
  • COLOR Green
  • CONSTRUCTION Polycarbonate (PC)
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Carlisle 10621C09 - StorPlus™ 8.5 Gallon Box, 26" x 18" x 6", Green

Carlisle 10621C09 - StorPlus™ 8.5 Gallon Box, 26" x 18" x 6", Green

Item #: WBB1189359

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