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Victor Hold-Fast Mouse Refillable Glue Traps - 10 Boards - M775

Model #: WBB2339253

MPN #: M775

Victor Hold-Fast Mouse Refillable Glue Traps - 10 Boards - M775

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Victor Hold-Fast Mouse Refillable Glue Trays can be used time and again due to their sturdy design. Each trap comes pre-baited with peanut butter scent to encourage pests like mice and insects to venture onto the glue board. Once they are stuck, the long-lasting glue will ensure they are securely held until it is time to dispose of the board. Not only are the Refillable Glue Trays effective at catching pests in your home, but they are easy to use and refill. Once you've caught a pest, slide or pop out the glue board and throw away. Replace the tray by sliding or popping a new board in and removing the protective covering. Then place and let the trap do the hard work for you.


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