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Jet 331431 HP-35A 35-Ton Hydraulic Press

Jet 331431 HP-35A 35-Ton Hydraulic Press

Item #: WBB0230998

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Jet 331431 HP-35A 35-Ton Hydraulic Press

JETÆs Hydraulic Shop Press line consists of a 5, 15 and 35 ton hydraulically powered H frame press. Each machine is built using heavy steel plate that is electro welded together, and comes standard with industrial grade hydraulics. These machines are for the serious fabrication and machine shop owner who demands only the best quality from his operation.

  • Hydraulic Shop Presses
  • For pressing, bending and straightening operations
  • Easy-to-use, hand-operated with pressure gauge for direct pressure readings
  • Tables raise and lower easily with use of hand crank on the 15- and 35- ton models
  • Side frames are open for inserting long material
  • Fast setup ram extension screw
  • Ram moves laterally for added versatility (15- and 35-ton models)
  • Two bed plates and pump handles
  • Straightness testing support uses centers or v-blocks on the 15- and 35-ton models

Weights & Dimensions

  • Lateral Movement 15
  • Work Table Size 31 X 10-3/8
  • Screw Stroke 4
  • Vertical Table Travel 23-5/8
  • Ram Diameter 3
  • Piston Stroke 4-3/4 in
  • Weight Capacity 35 tons

Product Details

  • Jet Promo 5/1/2020 to 5/31/2020
  • Max Pressure 35 Tons psi
  • Type Hydraulic
  • Brand JET
  • Warranty 2-Year Warranty yr
  • Style Shop Press
  • Manufacturers Part Number 331431
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Product Q & A

There are 1 questions and 1 answer for this product.

  • Is the ram tip interchangeable to accommodate different size applications?

    Question Asked By: Kris, December 16, 2019

    Answer This Question

    Question Answered By:

    • Product Expert, December 17, 2019

      Hello, unfortunately the ram tip is not interchangeable. Thank you for your question.

Replacement Parts
JET® Hydraulic Repair Kit, HP35A-RK


JET® Cylinder, HP35A-02


JET® Single Action Valve - Fast, HP35A-04


JET® Single Action Valve - Slow, HP35A-04-1


JET® Pump Cylinder - Slow, HP35A-05-1


JET® Base Filter, HP35A-01A


JET® O Ring - Fast, HP35A-05A


JET® O Ring - Slow, HP35A-05A-1


JET® Shaft- Fast, HP35A-06


JET® Shaft - Slow, HP35A-06-1


JET® Cup Seal - Fast, HP35A-06A


JET® Cup Seal - Slow, HP35A-06A-1


JET® Wiper Seal - Fast, HP35A-06B


JET® Wiper Seal - Slow, HP35A-06B-1


JET® Plunger, HP35A-11

JET® Plunger, HP35A-11

Item #: B3061863

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® O Ring - Fast, HP35A-06C


JET® O Ring - Slow, HP35A-06C-1


JET® Polymer Support Ring, HP35A-11A


JET® Cup Seal, HP35A-11C


JET® Plunger Plate W/ Gasket, HP35A-14


JET® Socket Set Screw, HP35A-16A


JET® Socket Head Cap Screw, HP35A-16B


JET® Socket Set Screw, HP35A-16C


JET® Handwheel Retainer Clip, HP35A-17


JET® Seal, HP35A-20

JET® Seal, HP35A-20

Item #: B3062014

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® Release Valve Block, HP35A-23


JET® Pressure Gauge, HP35A-23B


JET® Plastic Tube, HP35A-23C


JET® Release Valve Seal, HP35A-25


JET® Release Valve Nut, HP35A-26


JET® Release Valve, HP35A-27


JET® Safety Valve Block, HP35A-28


JET® Plastic Tube, HP35A-28A


JET® Steel Ball, HP35A-28B


JET® Safety Valve Set Screw, HP35A-28D


JET® Brass Tube Connector, HP35A-28E


JET® Washer, HP35A-28G

JET® Washer, HP35A-28G

Item #: B3062179

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® Hex Nut, HP35A-28H


JET® Male Connector, HP35A-29


JET® Bronze Tube, HP35A-33


JET® Bolt, HP35A-39

JET® Bolt, HP35A-39

Item #: B3062183

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® Bolt, HP35A-40

JET® Bolt, HP35A-40

Item #: B3062184

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® Hand Crank, HP35A-46


JET® Handle Holder (Pair) , HP35A-48


JET® Hex Nut, HP35A-54

JET® Hex Nut, HP35A-54

Item #: B3062187

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® Worm Gear W/Shaft, HP35A-55


JET® Safety Spring, HP35A-28C


JET® Table Holder Pin, HP35A-58


JET® Screw Spacer, HP35A-60


JET® Cable Slide Wheel, HP35A-63


JET® Cable, HP35A-65

JET® Cable, HP35A-65

Item #: B3062219

Not Yet Rated

Free Shipping


JET® Spindle Sleeve, HP35A-77A


JET® Hex Cap Screw 5/8-11X2, TS-0071031


JET® Hex Nut Full 5/8-18, TS-0561072


JET® Hex Nut 1/2 Jws-25Cs, JWS25-202


JET® Hex Nut Full 3/4-10, TS-0561081


JET® Lock Washer Medium 3/4, TS-0720141


JET® Hex Cap Screw 5/16-18X1, TS-0051051


JET® Flat Washer 3/8, TS-0680041


JET® Hex Nut Full 5/8-11, TS-0561071


JET® Hex Nut 3/8-16, TS-0561031



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Jet 331431 HP-35A 35-Ton Hydraulic Press

Jet 331431 HP-35A 35-Ton Hydraulic Press

Item #: WBB0230998

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