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Making the World’s Waste Collection Greener, Cleaner, and Smarter.

TrashTalk™ is an exclusive line of Smart Trash Cans from Global Industrial™ that is designed to optimize your resources in waste management collection. Easily conquer extensive grounds from schools to stadiums to cities that demand proficient waste collection, day in and day out.


How Does It Work?

Global Industrial™ Smart Trash Cans powered by Nordsense include wireless technology that allows you to monitor fill levels of trash containers in your environment. This technology uploads trash receptacle status online to enable you to quickly and efficiently deploy resources to keep your environment clean and safe.



Simply login to the TrashTalk™ portal to see the status of every trash receptacle in your environment.


  • Optimize your resources – deploy your garbage collection resources to where they are needed
  • Cut Down on Costs – reduce waste collection labor by up to 50%
  • Improve your customer experience – by providing your customers with a trash free environment
  • Create a Better Work Environment – by reducing unnecessary trips for your drivers and waste collectors
  • Measure the Impact of Your Sustainability Initiatives – through the analytics provided by the system
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – by reducing unnecessary trips to empty trash receptacles

Optimize Your Resources

With a team of TrashTalk™ Smart Trash Cans working alongside your waste management crew, there will be more opportunities to elevate productivity and efficiency. The more your team works in synch with messages from each Smart Trash Can, the faster and easier everyone can stay ahead.

Cut Down on Costs

Time is money and TrashTalk™ is here to help your business cut down on costs. They’re not just called Smart Trash Cans because they can electronically send data. You can save and record the data that each TrashTalk™ unit delivers to your online portal. This data can be used to detect patterns, allocate resources, and much more.

Improve Your Customer Experience
Customers may not be able to witness all the benefits that TrashTalk™ can offer but they will notice cleaner areas as well as being less exposed to CO2 emissions as trucks perform more efficient pickup rotations. Returning customers to large scale areas of business such as sports stadiums or national parks may also notice that they won't have to look far for to throw away their scraps.

Create a Better Work Environment
With Smart Trash Cans on your facility grounds, both you and your employees will notice the improvement in cleanliness for your roads, venues, alleys, and other areas where receptacles would be found.
Measure the Impact of Your Sustainability Initiatives

High-accuracy monitoring through your electronic devices means you'll always be on top of waste management collection within moments of logging into your computer and accessing your online portal.  With this capability at your fingertips, the more Smart Trash Cans on your facility will help bring your team further ahead.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Taking down carbon footprint is easier said than done. It takes meticulous effort and precise work – and a TrashTalk™ Smart Trash Can help get your team started on producing more ecofriendly results.

Portal Features and Functions

View Each Status Fill Level

Staying informed on what receptacle is half full and which receptacle is near the tipping point can be challenging, especially when the task itself requires manual traveling across a property. Depending on where your receptacles are, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. TrashTalk™ doesn’t waste your time. Each unit is designed to connect to an online portal that can be accessed easily from your computer. Simply login to check fill levels and other data on each registered Smart Trash Can.

Global Industrial™ Smart Trash Cans have advanced features such as geolocation tracking that can ensure absolute sanitation management control. With this you can easily implement more dynamic strategies to what areas need servicing more than others.

Each TrashTalk™ sensor is searchable and digitally pinpointed on an online map of your business property. The data for each Smart Trash Can displayed can be sorted to list the most full or active containers on your map.

Dashboard Pushes Email Notifications of Filled/empty Trash Cans

Not on the online portal? No problem. Our Global Industrial™ Smart Trash Cans will forward all updates sent to the online portal to your registered email, keeping your team entirely in the loop on the latest reporting.

Technical Specifications

Trashtalk Sensor


6.2 oz.

4.09" x 2.51" x 1.41"

Temperature Range
-4° F to 157° F



Industry Grade Distance Meter
3d ToF laser (Time-of-Flight) Range: 0 to 3.2' Resolution: Up to 1mm with multiple points Accuracy: Up to +/- 1%

Temperature Sensor
-4° F to 157° F

Water Resistance
IP 67

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase Global Industrial™ Smart Trash Cans, you will be able to set up your ecosystem using the Nordsense installation app on your mobile device. Once each TrashTalk sensor is activated and mounted to its container, you can manage each Smart Trash Can via a desktop application which will notify you within 24 hours if your Smart Trash Cans reach capacity. This will allow you to deploy your resources to service receptacles that are full.

Navigation and route planning features are included for those who purchase more than 200 units using a secondary application.

The basic capabilities of the portal are to notify you on the status of every trash receptacle in the network. Over time, the technology’s algorithms allow you to predict when containers will be full, therefore optimizing your waste collection efforts.

For installations exceeding 200 units, you will have access to advanced features such as assset tracking and smart route planning. Please contact your Global Industrial™ Sales Specialist for a free consultation to determine the best solution to fit your needs.

  • Locations prone to overflow
  • The optimal number of vehicles in your fleet
  • The number of receptacles needed to avoid overflowing waste
  • The number of collection services that could be saved
  • The number of working hours that could be saved
  • The amount of fuel that could be saved
  • The driving distance that could be saved

Asset Tracking (included with your first years subscription), enables you to track the locations and movements of your receptacles if they are struck by a vehicle, stolen, or inclement weather occurs.

If you purchase more than 200 units, you will have access to Intelligent Routing. This feature notifies drivers when receptacles are nearing capacity and will route them to collect from those bins, minimizing cost and shortening collection routes.

The TrashTalk™ device operates via cellular network. If you are installing your sensors in rural areas, please contact your Global Industrial™ Sales Specialist to assist you in determining whether there is coverage in your area.

It varies for everyone, but if you’re unsure about how many you may need, please reach out to your Global Industrial™ Sales Specialist.

Yes. To access our recent case study from the University of Idaho. Click Here >

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